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    91-100 mph
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    Multiple times per week
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    Short Game
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  1. KRK. I don’t sign up for all the Promotions but I was looking at getting an Electric Cart. MGS came out with a sign up from M7 MotoCaddy. I signed up Next message I get is from Roger Teat. President of MotoCaddy. I won. Got cart, bag, all the accessories and best battery there is No bait and switch here. I’m on the list
  2. Phenomenal. If the wind is up play one more forward tee. You will have a great time. The course is not as laid back as it’s designer
  3. Love my Epic Forged Irons. What is Callaway’s next edition of these great irons? When is it coming? KRK
  4. I have been struggling with too much spin. I know some is my swing but I am looking for the right head, loft and shaft combination. Would love to dig deep on the new Titleist driver’s Callaway Mavrik 9 degrees riptide small batch 60
  5. KRK Epic Forged 10.5 i had of set of Wilson Staff blades in the old days. Would love to compare new D7 against my Callaway Epic Forged
  6. Boston MA i currently use Voice Caddie and have used Callaway GPSY
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