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  1. I haven't played in over a week! I'm dying here!!
  2. I use the Sun Mountain C-130. I received it a few years ago as a Christmas present. I like it a lot. It has plenty of storage and not super heavy. It seems to have held up well. In the few years I have had it, all the zippers still work and no complaints here.
  3. For me it would have to be Tobacco Road in Sanford North Carolina. This course was so far out of my skill level; it was horrible. I enjoy courses that are challenging, just not ones that are soul crushing. I know that given the chance to play there again, I will pass on it.
  4. Since the forecast for today was a LOT of snow, I played a round of golf yesterday. It was cold, very cold. I was supposed to play with a friend, but he had to back out. As it turns out I was the only person on the course that day. Too funny, Anyway, I played reasonable. Not great, but not horrible either.
  5. Snow, snow, and more snow! Fortunately I was able to play a round of golf yesterday. I fear it will be at least a week before I can play again
  6. Typically I put balls on my christmas wish list, so they cost me nothing! LOL
  7. Welcome to the group! Always happy to see a fellow Virginian.
  8. Golf Goals for 2022. No more 3 putting No more 90's scores, or above Try not to suck so much LOL
  9. I am looking forward to hearing from others on this subject Previously I used Winn Dritac X Standard Golf Grips. I liked the way they felt in my hand and they provided a bit more 'grip' for me. On thing I did not enjoy about them was having to replace them so often. Just recently I have installed Lamkin ST+2 Hybrid Calibrate on my driver, fairways and hybrid. I read some reviews and from those reviews I thought I would give them a try.
  10. Kasey, I must admit, I was very surprised that it worked. Pleasantly surprised, but surprised all the same. I played last Saturday, the 1st, and was hoping to play again this past weekend, but we had snow! I am sure you know what that is LOL
  11. OK, I played a round of golf today with the electrical tape on my sensors as I previously posted. I was stunned at the results: Not one missed shot! I responded to the guy who told me about this and thanked him and ask him "What is this Magic?'
  12. I was grumbling about missed shots on another group I belong to. A guy responded that he had the same problem, and to correct it, he took electrical tape and wrapped around the junction of the sensor and club. He said it greatly reduced his missed shots. I cannot see how that would make any difference, but I had nothing to loose and had a roll of electrical tape in the basement. Hoping to play sometime this weekend and see what happens.
  13. To my fellow veterans, I salute you. We have all done things we would like to forget and do not talk much about. Take good care of yourselves my brothers and sisters!
  14. oh man, I have no idea what that is like...<smirk>
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