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  1. Considering what is in your bag, now and before, what are you thinking about getting next? As for myself, I am considering a Driving Iron or a Scotty Cameron. Neither of which what I need, but the WANT is strong with this one... LOL
  2. It happens. I have no idea why, but it does. One day most everything is sweet and true. The next day it is miserable.
  3. Had my best round ever today! Pretty happy here. What was odd was the the back 9 was better than the front. Usually, I play worse on the back. Oh well, I'll take it!
  4. I just regripped a club using an air compressor. It was very easy and much less messy than using grip tape and solvent. Highly recommend it. I did it on just one club as I had a spare grip. Now that I know how easy it is, I will be ordering grips for the rest of my clubs.
  5. Congratulations testers! Looking forward to your reviews.
  6. Today was my first round since I returned from my trip to Pinehurst. I played at my local with a good friend. It was a very nice day, and a great round. My driver behaved itself; I only missed on fairway! Now if only my wedges would behave, I might actually call myself a golfer! LOL As my usual, the front time was better than the back, but really I am happy with the result.
  7. Great question! As of this moment probably a wedge I could actually hit. Currently my wedges and I are not friends.
  8. I remember looking from the hole 1 Tee Box and thinking 'Holy s***!' LOL. Fortunately I did not embarrass myself... on the first hole anyway LOL
  9. I just got back from my 'golf buddies' trip to Pinehurst. Had a really great time. Played four courses. On the first three courses I played well, and was happy with the results. On the final day we played Tobacco Road, and I would rather not talk about that... LOL
  10. OK, I just arrived in Pinehurst for our golf buddies trip. Out first round is tomorrow, and I am seriously looking forward to it. I know I need to make sure I play the game I know I can, not the game I think I should.
  11. I prefer blades. Currently I have a SeeMore
  12. I would really love to give this one a try
  13. At the moment, my golf goals for 2021 are: Enjoy each round I play to the fullest. Play each round a little better than the last. Lower my handicap to under 10.0
  14. Thank you for posting this. I see the Veterans Administration for my medical. When I first started going to them, after loosing my job and medical insurance, suicide prevention is extremely high on their agenda. Everytime I call for a prescription refill or to schedule an appointment I am always asked about this and assured I have resources at my disposal through the VA if needed. I am uncertain what the suicide rate is among the general population, but I do know my brother and sister veterans are at a higher risk.
  15. Personally, I would LOVE to play 3 or 4 times a week. I saw an internet meme somewhere 'A wife and a steady job has ruined plenty of golfers' lol
  16. I have purchased 'cheap' golf shoes in the past, and have always been disappointed. For myself I do what others have posted here; buy last year's model for roughly half the cost from when they were a current years model.
  17. As for myself, I have been dreaming of a Scotty Cameron putter. At my level of play it would most certainly be not a great choice,but dam they are sweet looking.
  18. You know that when you return from a trip overseas, there is always some local currency still in your pocket? Lately I have been using this 2 Euro coin from our most recent trip.
  19. Mine is updated the next business day after I post it. I try to keep it updated here, but sometimes I forget. On the subject of handicap, it seems to me that you can work and work, posting your scores, and your handicap will SLOWLY improve. However you post ONE bad round and your handicap skyrockets! LOL
  20. Typically I will have a bottle or two of water, some sort of carbohydrates, gloves, balls, tees, rangefinder. I keep balls in two separate pouches in my bag. The first will hold balls that I have purchased, which if my first choice to play. The second will hold 'found balls' which I will use if there is a fear of losing it.
  21. IF you could improve one aspect of your game, what would it be? For me, it would be putting.
  22. Why collect anything? We all have what interests us. Some people collect coins, some stamps, and I sure there are countless other things people collect. Why? Because that is what they enjoy. While I do not collect putters, I can see the attraction.
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