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  1. First Name/City - Mark - Knoxville,TN What IOS Device Will You be Using: - iPhone 11 and iPad Will You Be Testing Primarily Outdoors or Indoors - both Will You be Using a Net Yes or No - yes if I get my indoor setup finished in time
  2. Mark - Knoxville,TN I have used a hitting net I have not used it with a LM
  3. Mark Knoxville,Tn TS3 9.0* Hzrdus Smoke Black 6.5 +.2 119mph TSi3 9.0
  4. Mark/Knoxville/USA Taylormade Spider Itsy Bitsy Limited Edition Interested in the Tomcat 14 because of the similar look of the Spider that I have or the Piper C because of the mid mallet shape and center shafted (Previous putter I used was center shafted)
  5. Mark in Knoxville,TN currently playing SM8 either 54 or 50*
  6. Mark Hahn - Knoxville, TN never used a GPS Leopold Rangefinder
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