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  1. I suspect this would be confusing to most consumers. The ones that really want this information are likely to research the individual shaft options themselves.
  2. Ryan / Bozeman, MT Yes, but not at my home. Yes, but do not own one currently.
  3. I hope this is the appropriate forum for this. I bought my wife a set of Wilson Ladies Profile HL clubs about 5 years ago as a starter set to see if she got into it. She has been playing more and more each year and I think I am to the point of upgrading her to a new set. I don't think she is to the point of getting fitted, and I would really like her to take a few lessons (will work on that separately). However, I want to get her upgraded to some higher quality equipment. The Wilson set includes: 1W (13.5*), 5W, 4H, 5-P, S, putter I know that you should always get fitted for clu
  4. First Name/City State: Ryan / Bozeman, MT Handicap: 12-15 Current Model Wedges Played: Cleveland RTX-4 60* in black finish, Vokey SM7 56* in chrome finish, Vokey SM7 50* in gunmetal finish What Appeals to You About a Raw Wedge: Less distraction from sun glare, and a potentially softer feel at impact. I would also be interested in seeing if it truly delivers more spin.
  5. 1) Ryan in Bozeman, MT 2) Putting on carpet (just got a mat, also travel over winter) 3) Just purchased one, only used for last couple weeks, not overly impressed so far. 4) Medium - 10 - 11 Stimpmeter - Private Course
  6. Ryan/Bozeman, MT/US Everyday: Scotty Cameron Newport w/ Flow neck, 20g weights, and SuperStroke CounterCore (no weight) Fatso 5.0 grip Testing: Kirkland KS1 Backup: Oddyssey 2-ball center shafted w/ 2.0 Super Stroke grip Anser 2 because it is the closest to the SC Newport I currently play and I prefer the look of a blade.
  7. Not sure if this is still open for applicants. 1) Ryan from Montana (let me know if I need to be more specific) 2) No, not even a phone app. 3) Bushnell Tour V2
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