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  1. I belong to a course that is walkable but hard to walk because of the hills. I also have a rebuilt ankle because of a car accident very similar to Tiger’s. I can walk fine and play a lot of golf and maintain a single digit index. But I can’t carry a bag because the weight wrecks my bad ankle. But I could walk my course (Boulder Ridge) with the motorized cart backing my bag. I’d be a great tester for this! Gary D
  2. Gary D 8.4. Currently hitting Mavrik Driver. Ready to try the Titleist. diablo.gary@gmail.com
  3. I’d probably be a good tester. I have had a couple skycaddies. I switched to the Garmin G8 because of its viewing ease. And I like to nail the intermediate yardages on courses that are new to me. I am a 7 handicap and play a lot of golf on many different courses. gary DeSantis
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