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  1. As another Sacramento resident, just wanted to stop into the thread and say 'hey' to @guy566 and @McaseyM. I have the good fortune to live less than 10 minutes from Haggin Oaks, so that's my usual haunt, but I've also played a couple of times lately at River Oaks in Nicolaus, which is a nice course for the price. My schedule doesn't give me a lot of time to play, but would be fun to get together with some other Sacramento folks from here to play sometime!
  2. Steve, Sacramento, CA Have not used a hitting net As such, haven't used an LM with one, but I have a Rapsodo MLM which I *would* use with a net if I had one ...
  3. Steve Sacramento, California Current Driver: Ping G410 LST (9 degree) Handicap: 16 Swing Speed: 101 Which Driver Would You Like to Review: TSi2
  4. 1) Steve, Sacramento CA 2) Evnroll 2 3) I think I'd be most interested in the Floki - I like mallets, but tend to have a lot of arc in my stroke, so most mallets aren't a great fit for my stroke, this one seems like it would be!
  5. Dedicated walker here. I'll ride if a course is carts-only ... but I'm also a lot less likely to play that course. I'd rather play some old muni where I can walk than some fancy resort course where I have to ride, honestly.
  6. Hey all! I'm early in my return to golf after a way-too-long absence due to a combination of factors. Very happy to be back playing and having the opportunity to introduce my daughter to the game. Looking forward to connecting with other golfers, and especially trying to find some folks local to Sacramento who I can play with.
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