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  1. It's almost as addictive as golf, but ten times as expensive. We're in the process of finding an aircraft for some charter/air taxi since currently the airplanes are all managed (owned by someone else). The plus side of that is all of the financial risk is on someone else. The down side is I can't really just take a plane to go do a golf trip, see a ballgame, go skiing, head to the beach, etc. I think you're 100% right on making golf trips easier if you have your own plane, something more affordable than most realize.
  2. Hello from western PA. I'll try to answer the questions asked as well as possible. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? Playing since I was a kid, now in my late 30s. Haven't played a single round in almost 4 years and with COVID it'll be well over 4 years. Last I played my handicap was 5-ish. I wish I could remember. What do you love about golf? Love that it's something I can do all by myself and get away from it all. Love even more that my son (7) is getting into it and it's something we can do together and get away from
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