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  1. This would be awesome to be able to test out. Especially with a new 3wood coming
  2. I finally took the time to get fitted for a driver and 3wood. Was fit for the TSi3 and ended up ordering the club. Only downfall is the 6-8 week order lead time. I don’t think I’ll be able to purchase clubs off the rack anymore due to the experience. I would highly recommend trying it out if you haven't done so
  3. Right now I'm playing the Snell MTB-X. I think I may be going back to the Pro V though
  4. I'm interested in purchasing a BirdieBall putting green. Does anyone have experience with these and after owning one have you come up with any reasons why you would want to get rid of it? Are there any others that you would recommend? I did see a post where someone was using the birdie ball mat with a putt out ramp. Thanks
  5. Currently use an Apple Watch and the 18 birdies app for distances. This would be nice to be able to compare the two.
  6. Kevin B - Ohio I will occasionally putt across the carpet throughout the winter months. No past experience with mats. I have looked into the perfect putting mat I would be interested in the Slow 9-10 stimpmeter - public municipal due to that being similar to the courses that I play.
  7. Ohio I would be interested in trying the full spectrum oil or gummies. On course demeanor is pretty calm but I can definitely tell when I have a chance at birdie or even par (bogey golfer). Heartbeat will begin to pick up pace especially when playing against friends. I use an Apple watch to track workouts and as an on course GPS
  8. Kevin Minster, OH Currently Play Ping G - U, S, & L 56* or 60*
  9. Kevin Bensman - Ohio 2. I typically use my apple watch and the 18birdies app 3. 18birdies app / apple watch
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