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  1. First Name/City State: Don Scully, Walnut Creek, CA Current Handicap or Average 18 Hole Score: 15.4 Current Iron Model Played: Bombtech 3.0
  2. I will Devil Advocate as well. I have the 4-PW irons. PROS: 1) I am hitting straighter and flubbing less shots. 2) I love the weight of the heads... is helping me keep the club down and under the ball. 3) Customer service was great, received phone call directly to check in before the "return date" was past. CON: 1) I did lose distance... I was never hitting too far with my irons... but my 7 was good for 150-160 in the past and now i'm at 130-140 for example. I just had to adjust and club down my distances. I compared with angles of my old irons and they are the same, how
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