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  1. I have Golf in the Kingdom, but have never gotten through it. I'll have to give it another go. One of my all-time favorite books is The Legend of Bagger Vance. I recently caught the golf bug again after almost 2 years away from the game. Current reading list: 1) Short Game Bible by Pelz - I'm a big fan and am currently working on my finesse wedge swings 2) Bulletproof Putting in Five Easy Lessons by Michael McTeigue - Kindle Version - I'm really enjoying it 3) The Unstoppable Golfer by Bob Rotella - Love Rotella - Got the Kindle version and it came with a free Audible version too. Listening to this. 4) The Practice Manual - on order
  2. Wes - Santa Barbara, CA Yes - Garmin 935 Garmin, Sprinkler heads, playing partners' devices, etc
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