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  1. 8 handicap. Current wedge 60/low bounce Cleveland, and 56 and 50 MPT from mizuno. The 60 has been in my bag forever I have updated the rest of the wedges 3 times but can’t seem to part with the Cleveland would like to try these.
  2. this putter was an instant as I one putted the first 6 holes hit but has slowly let me down after about 5-6 rounds with it in the bag the my lag putting isn't as good as it was. It is still great inside 10 feet but lag putting is not that consistent. Occasionally the extra offset also causes me doubt in my alignment. It is still very accurate 10-15 feet and in. But lag putting is difficult for distance control and even not nipping the grass. If i had enough room in my bag to carry two putters i would use this exclusively inside 10-15 feet. But the long distance / lag putting struggle is a big
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