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  1. Matt S. Niagara Falls NY USA Currently switch between a 2018 studio select Newport 2.5 and a 2020 special select Newport. I prefer the 2020 Newport due to the fully machined face with no insert. I have been liking the sound and feel better. Also aesthetically nothing looks better than a plain milled face IMO. I would love to try the anser 2 because it’s a shape I’m very familiar with but I also like the ZB3 with the flow neck similar to my Newport 2.5
  2. 1. Handicap 18. Niagara Falls NY 2. Callaway RAZR - X MB 160 carry 3. I have hear them talked about in the no putts given podcast and I’ve been interested in the direct to consumer brands due to the more affordable cost in many cases. All my clubs other than my putter have been second hand due to the price of equipment. I have had them fit to me still but never owned a brand new set of irons.
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