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  1. Norwalk, IA Custom Epic Flash SZ 9° 4.1 130+ TSi3 9°
  2. Joel/ Iowa 4 Handicap Custom RTX-4 What appeals me most about raw wedges is the patina after they get used properly!
  3. Joel, Norwalk, IA 52, 56, 60 RTX 4 Satin I would chose the 60° mid. My 60° is the most used club in my bag.
  4. 4.2 Handicap, Norwalk, IA My current irons are PXG Gen1 Tours. My 8 iron distance is 180-195. I know very little about sub 70. Except for the collaboration with my man over at Wedge FX. Been on the site a couple times and love the designs. Would love to test the product and see if it opens my eyes to new clubs. I have only ever played Titleist, Taylormade, and now PXG. Even if I don't get picked keep up the great work.
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