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  1. Would love a chance to test these! Currently playing the 919 Tours from a couple years back. Would love to see how these stack up to other new offerings!
  2. Very interested in this emerging market in putter shaft tech!
  3. I’ve never had any type of putting green for personal use. This would be superb!!
  4. Currently game an Evnroll and love it. Very interested in testing this new line!
  5. Garret Fort Worth, TX Cobra F9 SS: 106 Handicap: 8 Interested in TSi3
  6. Handicap 8 - Fort Worth Mizuno 919 Tour - 8 iron 160 yds Not too much. I have heard briefly about them being DTC. But no opinion personally.
  7. 1. 8 HC - Fort Worth 2. Mizuno 919 Tours - 8 iron 160 yds 3. DTC brand. Haven’t heard much personally, so no opinion or bias yet.
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