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  1. I walk over 50-60 rounds a year on hilly courses. Currently using Adidas. Wear size 11
  2. John/ Austin TX Android Phone Testing outdoors and can do in door Out doors without net. In doors with net
  3. John Austin TX Titleist TS3 3 handicap 95 mph TSi3
  4. John Austin TX Handicap 3 Current Wedges - Callaway I like that raw wedges don't have the glare and I like the look
  5. 1. John from Austin, TX 2. Can practice most of the year. So practice both at the course on real grass greens and at home with a Perfect Practice putting mat 3. Speed is between 10-11 on Stimp meter
  6. 2 handicap TaylorMade M4 irons 8 Iron 150 Never heard of these irons Austin TX
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