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  1. BTW, Back in 1991 the Jordan 6 infrared was the first symptom of my sickness. I saved the $150 and wore the soles out on them. I still think that that is the best looking of all Jordan sneakers, so when they re-released a couple years ago I had to have them. I won't put holes in them to make them into golf spikes, but if I ever see Pat Perez rocking a pair of those babies, not sure I can be stopped from ripping them off his feet
  2. the jordan 5's are comfortable as you would expect from the basketball heritage. They are not super stable - just so so on that, but suffice in most conditions. Biggest drawback of the pictured pair is the dirt you get under the plastic layer on the side of the shoe. played them in the muddy conditions a couple times and it's not worth it. I'm too OCD about keeping them white. I play a pair of Jordan ADG 2 most rounds. perfect for me, but most reviews call them too unstable. these are the ones I'm willing to muddy up. The Janoski spike less is my favorite to wear from office to the course. Again dry days only. Suede doesn't handle the water too well, but the skateboarding background makes them extremely comfortable.
  3. Went with a buddy who just got fitted. Ironic that PXG 0211 is now the "value" brand with no supply chain issues, they are filling a gap in the market. The grips upgrade is known to the fitters. The guy who fit my buddy told him to buy whatever he wanted put on them and he would install them for free. Ended up with a sweet deal with some nice pure grips .
  4. I don't think 3 or 4 wheels will make a difference in how easily it rolls. If you look at baby strollers, almost all the jogging ones have larger bike like wheels. The Walker Trolley 'Cape' Model 1.5 is the only push carts I see with those type of wheels.
  5. Winner, Winner - Ding, Ding, Ding First, thing you need to know is that I game the Ping 400 Max fairway finder and have been looking to replace it every year since I put it in. It's incredibly forgiving, but I can barely get it out there 235-250 with a 100+ swing speed. The last candidate I tried was the 9* Epic Max in S flex with Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 60 Graphite. So here are one guy's actual fitting results with the new Rogue ST. Rogue Max +1* loft - Ball Speed 141, Backspin 3,529,total spin 3,582, carry 220.5, total 239 yards Rogue Max set back to 9* - ball speed 141.6, backspin 3,677, total spin 3,985, carry 222, total 241 yards Rogue ST Max D New Mitsubishi TENSEI AV White 65 Graphite Stiff flex 9* Ball speed 139.7, Backspin 2,169, total spin 2,238, carry 230.5, total 255 yards - Boy is this thing a slice fixer, but I don't slice. More of a weak fade and all the shots were 30 yards left. Rogue ST Max New Mitsubishi TENSEI AV White 65 Graphite Stiff flex 9* Ball Speed 146, backspin 2,700, Total spin 2,766, carry 243, total 265 yards. So, for me, the head/shaft combo is much less spinny. The shots are naturally straight (fewer weak fades). Ball speed jumped because efficiency/smash improved. Saw more low to mid 4's than with the Max. The head sets up on the ground straight - the rail on the sole prevented me from rotating the face like I tend to do with round bottom clubs. Here is the funnies part of the fitting. I wasn't planning on one. I just happened to be at the PGA superstore hitting in the practice bay when I heard the Tour Van experience fitter say someone cancelled on him last minute. So I jumped in since Cally picks up the tab, and 45 minutes later ended up with a new driver. Went home with the quote (it was a total no pressure fitting). Searched for the 50% trade in bonus offer which luckily some members of WRX posted about, but didn't find my code email, so I called Callaway and asked for it. 10 minute call resulted in a $360 trade in value for the above mentioned MAX. I think even the wife would approve of spending $230 (taxes suck) to pick up 20-25 yards off the tee Will this happen for everyone? Hell no. But to those still on the fence about fittings, don't be. Get fitted into the right shaft, regardless the head you pick out. Prior to this experience I would never have thought of myself as a Low Spin/ Low launch shaft golfer. But Foresight don't lie about spin.
  6. I can't wait for Rick Shiels to take 5 to 10 swings with it and post his review . It really does look like they just combined the Rogue sole with Maverik color wave, of which neither appealed to me so much.
  7. Is Jan 18th too soon to have a "post of the year" winner?
  8. That's why I play a 10 year old hybrid (only one that doesn't set up open) - but that's not on me BTW. In 15+ years of being an equipment fan boy there is only one marketing claim I can support. The Ping G400max is the most forgiving driver ever. I try to replace it every year and always go back to it.
  9. Very True. But Feel & Looks are a subjective review factors. Ball speed, spin, distance are all numerical data points. If you don't want to test forgiveness, then don't test mishits. Set up the robot at 115mph for xstiff, 100 for stiff, 85 for regular and hit 25 shots with the standard set up and standard shaft. I'll go on a very short limb and guess that the longest driver in that test would outsell the "most wanted" one. There is a space out there in the golf influencer universe for someone willing to upset the OEM's.
  10. In my opinion neither MGS nor Rick are reporting testing results, they are reporting reviews. If they wanted REAL testing, set up the robot, and let it swing away with every driver that comes out. They did it with the ball test. Why? because the robot gives you the most consistent & controlled data points. The reply that a robot doesn't represent the average golfer is BS. You can set up the robot to replicate off center hits, steep and shallow hits. Any swing fault can be simulated. But we don't ever see that data because it would end the debates and would make marketing hype transparent. As far as this squabble goes, Rick never claims to be doing controlled tests. He does the kind of tests that you and I can do at the PGA superstore or Golf Galaxy. MGS is the place that executes more controlled tests, so they needed to take the high road on this one. The response needed to be less personal in nature.
  11. I did the exact thing 5 years ago, when both of my kids were done with travel sports. My process took a bit, but I didn't blow $350 either. First, I went to a golf show where I could swing a lot of new offerings at the same place in a short amount of time with company reps assisting with some customization. Amazing how much time I saved because some sets just didn't feel or look right to me. Second, once I narrowed down a club category (GI/Players distance) and 4 /5 models I liked, I went to the box stores a handful of times and tried different sets with some of the stock shafts. I finally settled on the Mizuno JPX900 hot metals based on how constantly I hit them. Remember a fitting is not a normal environment, so you will subconsciously alter your swing just because someone else is watching. I then went to GolfTec when mizzuno was running a fitting event. Got fit into a custom shaft and had the clubs bent 1* up, but since there was no obligation to buy, I told them I would take a couple days to think about it. I dug out the business card of Maple Hill Golf in Michigan whom I talked to at the show, called them and got the custom set with Golf Tec specs for $200 less than Golf tec. Part of it was no sales tax (good ole days) and part of it was favorable price. Mizuno drop shipped the clubs a week later.
  12. So this is where I find myself. Based on the Arccos data, I don't use the 58* (once in 7 rounds). I don't really need a 19* club between my 3w/4h cause I can adjust my 3W swing, but the data also shows that I often miss greens short and roll into the collar of the green. I have around 10 shots per round where I putt of the fringe/fairway or chip with 7/8i with various results. So it looks like that would be about 10 opportunities to use the chipper. As far as the "one trick pony" comments, I could learn to putt with my hybrid, but I prefer to carry a one trick putter
  13. I just put Arccos on my clubs, and realized I've used my 58* once in 7 rounds played. I think a "one trick pony" chipper, over the "no trick pony" 58* may be the better call. The only other option is a 19* 5w/3h for the 25yard gap between my 3W & 4H, but that's a shot I don't face very often, while a chip opportunity seems to come up every 2-3 holes. My counter to the "one trick pony" comment is that a driver & putter are single use clubs as well, but if you ride that pony often enough, it deserves a spot in the bag.
  14. I'm a 16.5 hdcp and I carry a 54*SW & 58* lob wedge. When Ping recently offered the free Arccos sensors (to ping club owners), I realized that after 90 holes, I have used my 58* exactly ZERO times :-(. I thought I carried it to get me out of really deep bunkers, but I come to find out that I prefer to open up the 54* for those shots. So now it's time to replace the "like new" lob wedge with another hybrid or a heavenwood. Or I just might get a chipper :-).
  15. Your best haggle position is putting the original shaft back in the 410 and trading it in for the 425. you can try to haggle the trade in price. Once you have the 425 put your upgraded shaft into it. The ping alta shafts don't bring bring much on the secondary market, and the ping heads in new condition are not that common.
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