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  1. I did the exact thing 5 years ago, when both of my kids were done with travel sports. My process took a bit, but I didn't blow $350 either. First, I went to a golf show where I could swing a lot of new offerings at the same place in a short amount of time with company reps assisting with some customization. Amazing how much time I saved because some sets just didn't feel or look right to me. Second, once I narrowed down a club category (GI/Players distance) and 4 /5 models I liked, I went to the box stores a handful of times and tried different sets with some of the stock shafts. I finally settled on the Mizuno JPX900 hot metals based on how constantly I hit them. Remember a fitting is not a normal environment, so you will subconsciously alter your swing just because someone else is watching. I then went to GolfTec when mizzuno was running a fitting event. Got fit into a custom shaft and had the clubs bent 1* up, but since there was no obligation to buy, I told them I would take a couple days to think about it. I dug out the business card of Maple Hill Golf in Michigan whom I talked to at the show, called them and got the custom set with Golf Tec specs for $200 less than Golf tec. Part of it was no sales tax (good ole days) and part of it was favorable price. Mizuno drop shipped the clubs a week later.
  2. So this is where I find myself. Based on the Arccos data, I don't use the 58* (once in 7 rounds). I don't really need a 19* club between my 3w/4h cause I can adjust my 3W swing, but the data also shows that I often miss greens short and roll into the collar of the green. I have around 10 shots per round where I putt of the fringe/fairway or chip with 7/8i with various results. So it looks like that would be about 10 opportunities to use the chipper. As far as the "one trick pony" comments, I could learn to putt with my hybrid, but I prefer to carry a one trick putter
  3. I just put Arccos on my clubs, and realized I've used my 58* once in 7 rounds played. I think a "one trick pony" chipper, over the "no trick pony" 58* may be the better call. The only other option is a 19* 5w/3h for the 25yard gap between my 3W & 4H, but that's a shot I don't face very often, while a chip opportunity seems to come up every 2-3 holes. My counter to the "one trick pony" comment is that a driver & putter are single use clubs as well, but if you ride that pony often enough, it deserves a spot in the bag.
  4. I'm a 16.5 hdcp and I carry a 54*SW & 58* lob wedge. When Ping recently offered the free Arccos sensors (to ping club owners), I realized that after 90 holes, I have used my 58* exactly ZERO times :-(. I thought I carried it to get me out of really deep bunkers, but I come to find out that I prefer to open up the 54* for those shots. So now it's time to replace the "like new" lob wedge with another hybrid or a heavenwood. Or I just might get a chipper :-).
  5. Your best haggle position is putting the original shaft back in the 410 and trading it in for the 425. you can try to haggle the trade in price. Once you have the 425 put your upgraded shaft into it. The ping alta shafts don't bring bring much on the secondary market, and the ping heads in new condition are not that common.
  6. Costco ball is your best bet until you improve your direction. the ball launches well off the tee, but you sacrifice some greenside spin. I always pick up 2 dozen to play the late fall, winter & early spring seasons around chicago. Got really tired of losing $4 balls under leaves or plugged in the soft ground. If you want closer to ProV. Dick's is running a 2 for $55 on the 2019 balls (won't make a difference to you) https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/maxfli-2019-tour-golf-balls-19maxmmxfltrglsswgbl/19maxmmxfltrglsswgbl
  7. I've been using the golflogix app on the phone for 5 seasons. As a 15 hdcp, I never thought myself skilled enough to need anything more accurate. But it would be fun to leap way ahead with all the approach & greens features.
  8. 14.6 CDGA index as of this morning. Play Callaway Rogue Pro's with Steelfiber shafts. Current stock 8I is 150 yards. I have looked at Sub 70 after your club test results. Their clubs look great and would love to test them but with my shaft upgrade was too pricey. Still looking at Sub70 for potential custom wedges. I live close to Syacamore and could go there for a fitting (if selected). Would love to elevate the profile of a local company.
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