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  1. I’m a 4 cap in Chapel Hill,NC, recently switched to Cobra Forged TEC irons from Bridgestone J15DF ‘s so the ‘player’s distance’ is exactly where I find myself these days. Just turned 50 and find my swing speed has slowly (pun intended) started to slip and am only getting about 145 out of my 8 iron these days. As far as sub70 goes , I recall looking into them a few months ago but wasn’t shopping at the time and that was about the end of it. I do all my own club work and my specs are far from stock so any set that I’d be given the opportunity to review would be seen from the inside out , reshafted, extended, and most likely the lies flattened a couple degrees . It would be fun to be given the chance and I definitely enjoy writing as well so I hope to be considered. Thanks again.
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