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  1. The Tour XS would fit you current ball section with Pro V1. The Tour X are firmer balls. Since you using the AVX and Pro V1 which are softer balls. You would find some familiarity with XS; Feel, softness, spin. Bridgestone offers the RX which slow swingers should use but hey we all want to play what the Pros play. So go with the Tour XS.
  2. Watch the price for tour Ball go up.
  3. TGW and Carl’s will have free shipping. Golf galaxy promotes free shipping on tour balls.
  4. William Columbus/Ohio Current Ball Played: Bridgestone XS Last time I played a top-flight it was a decent ball. Not longer or spin better than anything at the top tier.
  5. William /Columbus, Ohio Right hand Club You would like to test including flex-also list a back up choice. Primary: Hybrid Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff Back up: Driving Iron KBS Tour V Stiff Handicap: 12 Do you currently play a Long Iron or Hybrid: Long Iron
  6. William/Columbus, Ohio Ping Anser Ping anser 2; To see if the two colors will help with alignment and if it has a different feel.
  7. Handicap and Location: 15, Columbus, Ohio Current Irons and 8-iron distance: Ping iblades, 155 What do you know about Sub70? DTC company, distance iron, love the black finish was considering this company to replace my Nike Vapor Pro. From your article they make a good iron. However, I would be nice to hear about the clubs from a player like me.
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