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  1. You mean to look into the player's bag and copy what is on the shaft band ?
  2. I know someone will dispute this, but, it's okay to believe what the media is given you. Used to be is not always set in stone forever.
  3. Not over crowding on the golf courses is about the only thing I enjoy what comes with the issue we have at hands. Same as no traffic jam on the highway and no mob scene in stores. However, economic wheels would not turn with just a few of us, so eventually the crowd will return. I had already seen more golfers on the golf courses. I guess it's fine if the 4-some are all from the same household......... the social distancing is not working because simply slowing down the spread of the virus will not stop the spreading if they understand how the virus spread. A small hole in the water bag instead of a larger hole is still leaking water and the smaller hole will expand quickly. will eventually drain the whole bag. Like rolling a truck down the hill, no matter how slow it goes, the speed of rolling will accelerate with gravity pull. My buddy took his two sons to golf every week, which is fine because they all came from the same household. No golf club members gathering or weekly tournaments.
  4. Some of the tour players in their prime was not using X flex in their irons ( and they are in their Prime ). The label on the shafts were not always an accurate indication of what type of shaft was in use. Most use a heavier shaft forgo the stiffer profile. TW used to us TTDG X100 but believe he's using the TTDG S400 recently. So was the story of many of the other pourplayers, that the shaft band really did not indicate the true flex of the iron shaft they use. I know for a fact some of the Champion Tour players use R flex shafts in their irons but had a shaft band indicating otherwise. I'm sure you could handle an X flex in the irons, but would you be comfortable wearing it throughout your round ? How about if you decided to add another 9 or another 18 after your round ? Would you still be able to command the X flex shaft in the irons ? flex in the shorter sticks are quite different than the flex in the longer sticks. If you could go to the driving range and hit lots of ( 60+ ) of range balls with your 7 irons without losing any steam then, it's the right shaft for you.
  5. Back in the days, a packed tee sheet will cost the H-I-O owner a few thousands to buy a drink for everyone on the ground. That's why there was an extra dollar in the green fee ( for the guests) / dues ( monthly for the members) to buy the H-I-O insurance. The drink will be an automatic pay out once verified. Saw couple of inground brass plaque behind some of the par threes commemorating the H-I-O. The owner of the H-I-O had to pay some fees to get the plaque custom made. Locally there was a golf club made of mostly Asian members and over the years they had a few H-I-O during their monthly tournament, and banquets were thrown for those occasions. I overheard a $12K dinner with drinks were given one time for the members ( 120 +- ) and their immediate family members ( roughly 300+ at the banquet ). No insurance were available that time....... Crazy !
  6. That's a nice shot. I have several just a few inches below the cup on par 3s over 4 decades of golfing. Couple of those close calls were overseas and couple of them locally. It's no big deal on the gain for a lucky drop in, get a mentioning in the local publication and some golf club gave a small H-I-O trophy, a few bucks from the bet..... but in some clubs I played, a Hole-In-One will cast the owner quite a bit of silver. some traditional require the golfer who made the H-I=O to not just tip heavy on all the caddied within his own group, but 3 groups ahead of his group and another 3 behind. Plus a dinner banquet for the same. If the H-I-O happened during a tournament, then everyone in the tournament will be invited to a dinner banquet. I had heard story of tenth of thousands spent on such dinner banget. We were sitting down at the patio seats one day after I complete an 18 at my father's club with his friends, I heard a bell ringing........ Thought a fire had gone off. It was a hole in one by a group on the back nine. That club had H-I-O insurance included in the golfer's green fee / monthly due..... to cover a drink for everyone on the golf course when a H-I-O happens. My special local drink of that day was a 7 Up mixed with a local draft beer ( Anchor Draft Beer ). It's quite refreshing.
  7. Interesting, to say the least ! Why would a fitter meddle with your golf swing ? Is he qualified to give such advice ? Sounds to me, either you're trying to stir up some discussion or this so called fitter got out of the line of his expertise. However, I had seen stranger things happen, so if, this change works for you then no one should tell you otherwise. However, if this lengthening for a shorter person ( opposite of the conventional way ), gives you no good result, then it's simple to make your own judgement ?
  8. If it's the difficulty in following the flight of the golf balls . many had success using the Matte Red color golf ball. It's being adopted by many OEM makers including Titleist, Callaway, Wilson, Srixon..... Originally by Volvik. You can still lose the golf ball in the rough. But this color is easy to follow against the grey sky.
  9. Make sure you check the health of your liver and kidneys if you regularly ingest any form of these supplements.
  10. Congratulation to your family ! To Penny, graduating with honor ! To the parents, who showed their love and caring for Penny throughout these years. Penny worked hard toward life and the honor title but the parents were there to make sure it'll happen. Hats off to your family.
  11. In general, if everything else is the same, the stiffer and heavier the shaft, the lower the launch angle and the spin rate. The modern iron heads are lighter in weight, same theory they implied as the driver, being lighter , faster longer.......... finding a shaft which is heavier at the same time balance with the lighter head weight will be a daunting effort. Want to play a modern iron ? Some modern blade design are more forgiving then the vintage models.
  12. Almost every year, around the Memorial Day in our area always mist/rain as the sky is sharing it's sorrow. Only a few years in the last 4 + decades that I remembered were without the moisture. This coming Monday will be a soaker. I'm not a person who's big on celebrate/remembrance a few days on the calendar. I kind of carry all of them on my shoulders with me. Good or bad, happy or sad.... so I would not step out of the line, so to speak. Memorial day is a day I remember so many whom did not make it back to their family. Those touched me personally from the 60's-70's. Can't remember my father's generation for I was not around then, but I heard stories told by the uncles and their friends at late night gathering for story telling. Sometimes, one can not feel or realize the meaning of an event unless one was touched by it. Stay safe out there and drive carefully. It seems a lot of the ignorant are packing these days.
  13. THIS ! The other factors besides the few degrees of differential in LOFT could also influence the launch angle, thus ultimately influence the distance. Bounce, shaft, total static weight.....even down to the type of grip in use would have influence on the distance if we're talking about 5-10 yards. No two wedge ( for that matter, driver and most of the sticks in your bag ) will play the same . Even when come of the shelf with identical spec...... some of the golfers will tell the difference between a few gram weight difference in the heads but most of the golfers could tell the difference with different swing weight and shaft in use. Wedge is all about distance and turf interaction. You'll be the one to figure out which wedge should stay in your bag. Normally, golfers will have a need for the on course performance, then, start the search for the wedge to fill that specific need. Not the other way around, to match the numbers stamped on the sole of the club first. You're not Iron Byron, so fill your personal needs first before worrying about mathematically correct in your golf bag.
  14. Can't say I agree with ALL these points. One can be swift of removing/replacing pins, Can be just a few seconds to remove / put back gloves. Each one of us have a different pace of doing things, the same as no one operate a motor vehicle the same way. And golfing on a golf course course is like driving on a single lane roadway with traffic. Some days there is no one in front of you and some days there be traffic slow going......... As long as I could finish with the 18 within a reasonable time, I'll be okay with it.
  15. Dry eye syndrome and astigmatism will slip in with age , unaware by most of us. These will influence the vision quite a bit , by contrast and definition of lines..... I had gone through these stages, and the onset was sudden.
  16. When was the last time you had visited your optometrist for a full check up ? Not just your annual eye exam but a full exam. Maybe you should share your concern with the optometrist to explore the real reason behind your vision issue. I suspect the Astigmatism might be the culprit. Many of us had the Astigmatism without ever knowing. I wear prescription glasses for decades and no issue finding golf balls on the golf courses, even finding playing partner's share of golf balls and lots of lost golf balls in the rough, in the woods, and in the hazards. Was being called eagle eyes by the playing partners . The vision started going down the hill after my 62nd birthday, to a point that I had the cataract surgery last year....... never the same after the cataract surgery. The general vision is better overall without wearing prescription glasses, but can't make out the detailed lines like I used to. Often times, the vision issue derived from other places like the neuro system connecting your optic ( eye ) to the processing ( brain ). Some of us would not realize when a minor stroke happened to us. Having a thorough vision exam by a caring and knowledgeable optometrist will likely spot the possibility of neurologically linked issue. I know for a fact that the optometrist could spot potential issue with strokes and tumor growth from examining retina, and refer to specialist for further examination. I had a mini stroke some years back and guess who spotted the issue for me ? My optometrist, who referred me to a neurologist, confirmed that I had the episode of a small stroke which changed my vision.
  17. Many of friendship and marriage had run into rocky ground over those type of topics of discussion. I go to golf course to get away from the daily grinds, not to be immersed back into it. The rule makers for your local league had good foresight of keeping the harmony between the members. The toy has to be removed, if kids can't play well together with it.
  18. You have access to a practice area other than the driving range ? Many of the golf courses will have area between the holes or in the back that is closely mowed. I like to pick out a spot and pace off 40-60-80 yards and bring a shag bag full of old golf balls to practice. First check with the head pro and/or the greenskeeper to get permission to do so. You'll find practice in a more natural setting will enhance your senses. Basically your eyes will tell your hands and body of the distance and quiding the shot to perform. It is different than just hitting range balls. Whether it's off the mats or grass.
  19. Practice more of these shots ? There is a shot I had never been able to consistently executed, for me it is the high draw with the driver , or with any of the long sticks. I can practice for years and still not better than 50/50 with this shot pattern. Not a shot I would try when something is on the line. Love my 5-8 yard fade, worse it could happen when I get a little tired is going straight.
  20. Yes, I had lived in Jersey for a few years during my college days and visited /passing through, most of the Eastern Seaboard States from Connecticut down to Florida. I know the weather pattern. I can take the humidity better when I was younger. With the climate changing for both Summer and Winter, I'm glad wife had agreed to abandon her career and move to the NW with me when she did. It was tough for her to make the move, but as they say, a golfer would never abandon his golf game voluntarily also love was blind when one was in it. I was not an avid golfer when I was in College in the 70's, can't afford anything but a trip or two to the driving range back then, however, I was involved in other sports, experienced the climate there. with soaked through polo/shirt, Gee....... Several months out of the year in late Spring and Autumn are beautiful on the East Coast. Also been to Arizona during Summer months for conferences and never played in the triple digit temperature, even with the dry heat and carts were equipped with misting curtain.....
  21. You golf through the Summer months ? I visited my wife in Virginia before she married me ...... it was so humid and hot in the Summer, I was sweating by just sitting down. Air conditioning indoors and inside a vehicle...... I convinced her to move out West after we got engaged and she gradually loved the weather here, though she misses her friends from back there. Most of them had moved to other States anyway, some to California, Colorado, Arizona, and Florida.....
  22. My personal "golfing season" in recent years is about a 3 months window now. From June through August. It used to be year round and unless it's pouring down raining, or snowing.... there be golfers on the golf courses. Climate change, economic and health reason and now the Virus Pandemic. I'll probably skip this season just to wait it out. Not smart to take unnecessary chances over a recreational sport, especially at near retirement age.
  23. You don't have to be 6'2" and 195 lbs. to swing an X flex. Anyone with SS close to triple digit could try the X flex in driver ( shorter sticks are a different story ). Especially you have an aggressive transition and through the golf ball. The point to watch out for is not the numbers produced off the L/M for a few golf swings. The key is, can one swing the flex with the same efficiency 30-50 times in a roll ? Many of us could muster up and swing an X flex shaft in driver decently; for a couple of times. The issue is that if you feel that you could not master the flex on the 18th tee, then it could be too stiff a flex in your bag. I can still swing the drivers I used a few decades ago, but only for a couple of good swings.
  24. I agree, the differences in the design of the heads is probably the cause for the change in the launch angle and the spin rate. Modern irons are designed to "help" the golf ball get up faster with more spin rate. If you use the era matching golf balls with each of the set then I'd imagine you'll have closer performances between the two sets. Just a side note to exam the interaction of the wider sole with different grind will change the launch angle from the turf interaction, especially if the club head contact the turf slightly before the golf ball. This will be especially pronounced in the shorter irons. If you lose distance more in the short irons, this might be it.
  25. Will those play as well as they look ? William/Seattle, Washington 11 Ben Hogan Apex Fort worth PTX Pro-Icon Combo, please
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