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  1. I had never disputed the modern equipment help the game. If the softer driver ( longer length ) fits you, then it fits you. It'll probably not because of it fit in the general term but you. Have you tried regular flex also with the shorter sticks ? Probably should. I had seen golfers swing the driver differently than other sticks. Not that I had seen your golf swing on video or in person, apologize for the assumption here. If you look into the data collected from the given information ( as it may not be all truthful), most the professionals , showed different. Not disputing your case, by the way , congratulation on the scratch status, maybe you'll go to the plus side if you get fitted each new season ? Out of curiosity, how many rounds of golf you had played/ season while maintaining the 3.5 index , and how many rounds of golf you averaged to get to the 0.8 ? Maybe, you deserved the scratch status long ago, had you had the same playing /practice time ? 35 years of golfing, qualifies you as an official golf nuts, and there are lots of us around but not many had achieved the single index status. I'll check around when I have time to make sure my opinion on the stiffest flex one could handle on the driver shaft for better result, is still true these days. Maybe the new golf shaft technology combined with the new head design will allow for tighter dispersion pattern for the drivers. Honestly, I had no hands on with the new drivers in the last 4-5 years now. Didn't see any improvements for the professionals except for the average distance are up in numbers. One of the guys tested the New Ping G400 driver when it came out and he was very impressed of how straight the driver was. He is still holding the same index after the purchase but, the distance and the fairway hits were improved from his other old ( 6 years ) driver. Obviously technology worked,
  2. LOL, go play with kindergarten kids. You, need to let it go and not post on my thread if you don't want to see a non-favored respond ! Back up with what ? If you want digital response, go get on the spread sheet. You can input any number you wish and live the lie.
  3. It's common knowledge, and you're not my children . So sorry, do your own part. I'm also not obligated to extend the conversation since I'm not on staff with the site here to generate traffic.
  4. Read your own reply, we can only tell by what you stated.
  5. Very nice and not old man golf there, for SURE ! Excellent balance and chasing after the golf ball.
  6. I hope you'll get the look - a check in the bag from the group like I had . Some younger golfers like to check on what you have after yo hit a nice drive . Exceeding what they've expected from you.... LOL .
  7. Great ! that was what I was asking. I'll get tired of swinging the stiffer flex after the 18 or after 25/35 swings at the driving range. Obviously, you still have a lot more in reserve. Have fun and enjoy it.
  8. Distance trump dispersion pattern, if you look into the history of winners in the Professional Tour. Since day ONE, the chase after more distance was the major theme with this game of golf. Why do you think all the OEM advertise the "more distance ", "improved distance " on their products ? The jacked up loft in the irons and the overall increased length in each of the club in the bag ? All after one theme- "longer distance ". And it is racking in revenues until the consumer realized there is no magic wand. First thing in golf is to exam the basic elements of -the golfer-the equipment. In that order. No different than any other competitive sports, physical ability + connection to the nerve/cognitive ability = better outcome. In the sports of a single stroke could separate the winner from the runner-ups, golf is at the height of this example. Long been discussed in the past, with multiple major winners in the game of golf.... which would they prefer. Either 120 in the rough to the green or 190 to the green ? The majority of the answer was, preferring closer to the green. And looking back from day one, including Bobby Jones to Ben Hogan to Jack Nicklaus to Tiger Woods, every and each one of them were the longer hitter within their peer in their era. The goal of the game is to score low ! If a wedge out of the rough is better than a 7-6 iron out of the fairway, then play the percentage. Distance was the king, and it always would be. Even after the golf courses pushed back for longer yardage and the conforming rules of golf clubs and golf balls exists. The human physical ability will be the CAP for the seeking of the longer distance. Right now, if you look at who are on the professional Golf Tour. Young, physically fit, tall and strong. Each one of these Professional golfers could have played other sports and do well. More and more injury's resulted from the competition. Which makes me conclude that we are pushing the human limit close to the edge if not there already. That will answer your questions ! You can have a drink or two or three to celebrate your fairway hits. But really, how did you score ? Even with a regular tee , not the same length the professionals are using ?
  9. Darn it Tom, you're from the other side of the street , LOL....... The fitting is "great" but seldom do golfers understand the tools is as good as how we use it and how we interpret the result. So, have you been satisfied with your fitted set of golf clubs ? I had always believed that the length of the golf club gave the "issue" with timing. How one deliver the club head to the golf ball says a lot of what type of golfer this person is. I had been fitted ( not with a launch monitor back 4 decades ago. ) to a stiff to regular flex in driver. Over the years, I regret not trying out the other side of the formula. I actually started playing XS in driver in my late 30's. Simply because , only the professionals can use those telephone pole; so they said to me. one's hand and finger strength has a lot to say about how fast one could accelerate through the golf ball. I had known "Randy" an assistant pro about 35 years ago. He was slender, but he could hit his 8 iron flying 180 back then with a properly lofted iron ( not the jacked up loft for todays' ) and won many bets on the driving range at $5 a piece when the minimum hourly wage was less than doublt digit. His hands were large like a catcher's mat. Another guy who teetered on qualifying for the professional tour "Joe" was not a big / tall person, 5'9" ish ? He was one of the few golfers I personally knew back then, who could hit the one iron well. I loved my long irons back then, but stopped at the deuce. So, did you have success on the golf course with the "fitted" golf clubs in the reversal of the normal order ? Beware of how the results are interpreted , sometimes it's kinked to favor the benefit of "the fitted "
  10. Your driver club head speed at 50 is about where I was at 45, that was a long time ago. I wish I could have it back. Also depending on your transition and whether you're a digger or sweeper with the follow through. No doubt you could play the X flex "everywhere". How would you feel after the 18 ? Would you feel like , okay that's good and I'll hit the 19th and see what they have ; or, I ain't got enough, let's go for another 18 ? I ask this because i could still swing an XS flex even in a 43"-44" X-100 or S-400 now, but limited to a dozen swing for comfort. Where in my youth, I could hit buckets of range ball and feel "normal ".
  11. Yes, it could be "easier", and yes, I never had a ferrule installation tool. First of all, if you have the digital caliper , measure and order the ID/OD that fits your needs, one would not need to even turn the ferrule to fit. If no close fit available ( happens to me a lot since I like to order in bulk ). Order the smaller I.D., / larger O.D. The reason is obvious. A rat tail file will take care of the smaller I.D. in seconds and also prep the ferrule at the same time.
  12. Should be able to lay the unit on it's side to operate with the golf club going horizontal on top of work bench. Look further if the one you're comparing could not operate both vertically, and horizontally. As for shaft not secure/slipping. Use a small piece of the inner tube of bicycle tire to provide additional traction/grip. The hydraulic unit will start separating the shaft and the head immediately at the moment the epoxy bond is broken. Faster than the manual kind. But it is absolutely up to the user to make the selection to fit the needs and budget. There are those who use the top of the line equipment and still have issues ( operator's error ! ). Anyone who could perform simple task around the house, should have no problem performing simple golf club repair, up-grade. However, it is a learned process. Ask question, hands on and accumulate knowledge. This is not my mainline of work, hence , it took a long time before I am comfortable with different tasks. It's fun, not quite as addictive as the game of golf itself but one could get the satisfaction from such simple task. Warren Buffett / Bill Gates still do the dishes manually once in awhile. Simple task will give the feeling of accomplishment.
  13. If you're looking to extend the conversation. It's black and white. No additional elaboration needed for the average person. This is the wrong thread if you wish to chase the issue.
  14. That's a nice shaft. Do you feel the shaft is still playable in the back nine ? My swing speed is close to 103-106 , but I no longer could swing that all day. Mostly favor a softer flex in the back nine. 20-30 driving range swing with put me out of sync from being tired. I'm moving toward something which I could swing all day without getting out of sync from over swinging. Going through my shop and found this, Fujikura Rombax 6X07, it should play just a hair under 45" in my driver. It should work well in the natural setting on an 8 degree head. I have other old shafts in the shop and just might make a spare or two with the stiff flex for next week's driving range session.
  15. Anyone here near or in their senior age ( golf =50+ ) still sporting an X-flex in any of their golf clubs ? In my youth, with only the steel shaft available, I used a range of steel shafts in the drivers. S-300, S-400, X-100, X-200. Was drifting towards the S-300 in my late 30's for more distance when the graphite shafts hit the market. Didn't quite like the first few generations of the quality so back to the steel shaft. In the late 80's and 90's when the technology / material for manufacturing the graphite shaft made a huge leap forward. Tried the OEM S flex then settled on the 70-80gm range X flex. Then to the aftermarket X flex. getting 50 years of age was a big leap in golf, all the things I had done in the past had come back one by one and gradually the irons went to stiff flex and the driver stayed in the X flex range. After crossing the 60 , moved to light weight X flex in the mid to high 60 gm and still get it out there with most of the amateurs. Just wondering if any of the members here still porting X flex in the driver at or over the number 50 in life ? I honestly believe the age alone is not the determine factor of how we swing the golf club. I do, have a very aggressive pass through the golf ball. My childhood golf idol , Mr. Ben Hogan still swing away with XS steel shaft into his 70's. The difference was that he no longer could swing that telephone pole more than a few times instead of hours on the driving range. I would feel a bit out of my place swinging an X flex driver in the back nine, sometimes when I walked the hilly course with temperature over 80 F. not as durable as the younger me and the stamina is obviously lower. So, guys, are you still sporting an X flex in your driver, that is , if you ever tried the stiffer flex in the driver instead of letting people tell you which flex "you" should be playing ? My hero was 5'8'-9" less than 150 lbs. was one of the longer driver on tour in his era. Technic could not beat the father Time. I might finally switch to a stiff flex in the driver soon. A serious consideration when I qualified for super senior green fee.
  16. Yes, and only if the golfer could handle the flex. Ideally, the set should be oriented that way. Ever heard some professionals have softer flex in their wedges ? This is not news, had been practiced decades ago. The butt end of the shaft is thicker and will be the stiffer part of the shaft. when tip trim ( parallel tip ) and then butt trim most of the length from the shaft, yes, it would make the flex softer or the frequency of flex lower. Your 4 iron shaft is never the same as your 9 iron's even the shaft band stated the same i.d. You can find most of these information if you do a search , if you don't have real life experience with it. Basic physic should also answer most of these questions. Don't need someone to tell you so. If you like to play a softer flex in your driver than your fairway wood and it works for you, then all the power to you , enjoy the game. Perhaps in that scenario, you should have even stiffer flex in your irons than the stiff flex in your fairway woods. Like I said, this game does not need to be good to enjoy it. It's totally up to the golfer whether they are satisfied where they're at in the game or wish to play the best they could.
  17. Had been doing that for more than a decade now. He would take an offer from someone with offers that he either doesn't need or doesn't fit. Example, there was this PXG deal for the Vets. I think it was buy one get one driver free. One of his "friends" offered to sell him the spare for $130. Great deal wasn't it ? Problem is, the driver was built according to this other guy's spec. He told me that he could not refuse the $139 deal for a new PXG driver. I guess, for some guys/gals, the blink is more important than the practical purpose. He always complain of short of cash, but always buys new golf clubs which don't fit him, new push cart, new cart bags....... I had been helping him, but to a point; I have to put my foot down and watch the fox at work in the hen's house. As he works his way around his other golfing buddies. I guess, I'm just stupid of being a straight shooter all of my life, but I'm definitely not a hen.
  18. We are on the wrong page. As, not the same club being longer or shorter. Longer clubs as the driver, fairway woods, hybrids and no one knows the long irons these days. He kept asking for help, that was the issue. He knows I could probably fix his problem but he always get back to the starting point for some reason. He told me sometime ago that he has an accident decades ago and that might have impaired his ability between the ears. I just don't have the time to repeat myself. He will take more of my time and energy than my own kids when they were young. St least my kids took the guidance and ran with it. He might be a case of hopelessness. Or as I suspected for sometime , that he might be playing wolf under the sheep's skin, taking advantage of those unwary around him. He has the ability of getting ahead in his senior group on the weekly rounds. Not taking much and he always buy drinks with the winning.... laying low and waiting for the big fish ? See, I was not born yesterday. I can tell a lot more than the cover of the book. Cause I probably read the book before.
  19. I must be learning from the wrong side of the street. Just the opposite of what you stated. Hit the stiffest shaft in the driver one can swing ( with multiple swings, not just a couple ). I could not hold back or half swing, 3/4 swing a driver. Mid irons or wedge maybe, not the long clubs. Once I met a senior golfer, who took up golf after retirement. I was looking at his low flying bullets with his fairway woods and hybrids. Asked to see his hybrids( always ask before one touch another's golf club ). They were low launch XS from some wholesale store. No wonder the trajectory was so low, since he didn't have the club head speed to elevate the golf balls with XS flex. I asked him why did he purchase golf clubs with XS shafts ( this is a guy who could not carry his drive over 190 ). He replied, the stiffer shafts in the hybrid made better ball contact. True, but he had no business swinging XS shafts ( no matter who the OEM is that stamped the XS on the shaft ).
  20. I think over the years I had known him, he got fitted twice to my knowledge. His neighbor had warned me once not to be too serious about anything with him. I didn't understand back then. When someone I know asked for help for their equipment or their golf game, I'd do what I can if I have the spare time. I even helped him to set up using the air to re-grip, ended up I had to finish most the work for him. This is after the hands on demonstration and tutoring watching him did half a set of grips without much issue. Told him the inside tip of how to unstuck the grip halfway installed, Showed him how to extract an old glued on grip...... all those tips I learned throughout the years. Ended up He asked me to re-grip for him. Same with the basic golf swing issue. He'd have issue with driver or iron...... I'd go to the driving range and spot for him. Usually something very minor, fixed it, he's hitting great shots. A few weeks later when I ran into him on the golf course, same issue or something new. Asked him what happened ? Either someone else gave him friendly advice or he's been watching some video on the YouTube. I gave up after a few years. Recently, I took a novice golfer from the beginning to playing on the par 3 in 2 months, that's 4-5 driving range sessions each month with 1-2 bucket of range ball each time. From how to grip a golf club to an 8 iron teed up, to hitting off the mat, to fairway woods and chipping and putting. But I can't help this guy for some reason since he'll be like a chameleon, ever shifting and changing and goes round and round in circle. I understand the urge of changing equipment as I'll be saying "I'm one of ". I have a garage full of golf clubs ( as I never trade in nor throw away my old sets in the last 4 decades ). However, this guy is a puzzle. We'll probably still be friends, but he'll need to find someone else to help him with his golf game or with his golf equipment.
  21. You're "probably" not maximizing your game as always the longer length could tolerate a firmer flex than the shorter length. If you need to be educated on this subject, there are lots of reading you could find online instead someone going through the pages of details which is well known. I always believed for the same person, the progression of the stiffness in relationship to the length of the golf club should be linear. Until the golfer hit's his/her physical limit. That's how I learned and proven over the years while in and near this game. There maybe exceptions but , rarely. You might be one of the rare animal who does the reverse of the common practice and do well , or thinks that you do well, without knowing how much better you could have been. Sorry, I say what I see and not always correct as my wife will tell me. But if you're using a softer flex in driver and stiffer flex in fairway woods... maybe you should get some opinions on whether you could improve from where you're at now. Very well being that you could benefit from a shorter length with driver shaft. Yes, I'm only guessing. Please, don't take it too seriously since I say it in the general form and never seen your game.
  22. Absolutely, nothing wrong with what you do.... you're just not maximizing your game. Golf is one a the few things in life which one does not need to be good to enjoy. The issue is not what one golfer does with his own equipment. The question is, when this golfer keeps asking for advice where he obviously not taking it. Even after he himself had tried and proved what works better for him. My personal perspective is , I could not help him on his golf game when he tries everything under the sun, randomly. When someone ask for advice, after spending the time and the effort to help, the advice is tossed out of the window. would you still help ? I had also told him, for his physical make up and his age group, no miracle golf shaft/driver will give him more meaningful distance. He needs to hit the gym with a sports specialist. Instead, he found massage, and acupuncture...... can't help him.
  23. This might include myself ! But he is getting stuff totally wrong for his game and mostly did it in reverse of what the logic tells him. For instance, his driver is a very soft flex, fairway woods are stiff, irons are regular and wedges are stiff. Usually the longer the length , more stiff the flex. He is very short in stature , est. 5'3". refused to try a shorter length, kept complaining of the dispersion when he got tired and could not swing the regular length with control. Thus his posture and weight shaft would be all over the place...... The golf industry needs golfers like him, to keep moving equipment. Only if these golfers won't run short of their interest for the game. I believe he keeps in the game for other reasons. In his case, not going into detail, the golf course is an escape for his other issues in life. I had come to a conclusion of not really answering his questions from now on until I feel I could help his game. For now, he probably just need someone to talk to. I'll stop wasting my time on the subject of how to help his game. If he really needs help, he could get it from those who will charge him a fee and that, will test his real needs for the answers to his repeated questions.
  24. A guy I know for many years, who always ask for advice in golf related subject, and hoping for a miracle solution. Never fails, he would ask from all his friends who is better than his skill in golf and also from the paid professionals. Over the years, I had helped him from re-gripping to re-shafting to giving swing advice. He would do well , for awhile , then goes back to something he saw on YouTube or from another golfer giving him free advice. He is chasing after the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. By getting " a good deal " from his fellow golfer's left over golf equipment, or by shopping on the internet. He knew the golfer himself trumps the equipment at anytime for the performance. However, he is still chasing after the Dream by spending his retirement savings. I had stopped helping him, after he told me " But it keeps me happy ". So he could be "happy" in his own way without me helping him. For an instance. He is playing the A/L flex in his irons so he got this great deal from the PXG benefactors ( the buy one get one free deal ) a driver with senior flex set up. All of a sudden, he bought some Titleist fairway woods with stiff shafts. I had given up on this dream chaser who will not take advice. After time and again, I have to give up on "helping" him.
  25. The manual Maltby ( golfworks ) puller/extractor will last you a life time. The Air Compressor w/ Attachment tools, Hook Razor blades, butane mini torch...Will set you back maybe half of the $500 budge if you look into Harbor Freight Tools. HF has some good quality air compressor on sale now.
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