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  1. Didn't get to see him hit a shot from the fairway lie. I wonder about the height of the ball flight with the "flat stick". Hitting off a tee is one thing, hitting it off the ground is totally different, not to mention from a deep rough or to an elevated green, over hazards.......... Needs super high swing speed to get the golf ball off the ground with the putter's low loft.
  2. No Matter which method or tool you use to remove the spikes, first, moisten the spike as much as you could by spraying some water at the spike and soak the water into the crack of the threading. Old golf shoes had the dried up soil and dirt act like adhesive to lock in the thread. After wet down the thread, several times with water and let it sit for awhile to soften the dirt. Remove it with spike tool or pliers.
  3. All valid points. It also depending on where is golf in one's economic scale. When I was young, a round of Muni 18 was about $15. With the present value of the cost of living, that amounts to approx. $50. We did not think twice of paying for the green fees back then, never thought twice of paying $700 for a new set of irons neither. That's over $2,000 today's money. But as a single guy back then, the worst could happen after the splurge was to live on bologna sandwich with lots of mayonnaise for a couple of weeks, while enjoying the shining new irons in the bag. Work was steady, as long as one wish to work. Pension funds and healthcare were not watered down like today's choices. Golf , was not as a far fetched pastime as these days. Anyway, I see the golf industry surviving the difficult time, but not as the glory days in the last couple of decades. Today, there are lots of other distractions for the younger generation besides spending time on the golf course.
  4. Any golf shots that requires to stretch my golfing ability to the max without room for error.
  5. Sounds like you had sacrificed a lot for half a club length of distance gain, not to mention the financial "investment" incurred. I'm in the camp of believing the irons should be focused on accuracy and distance control, Distance gain is for the long clubs.
  6. Chicken Katsu is one of my kids favorite chicken breast dish, along with stirfry Kung Pao style. There are many recipe online for Chicken Katsu, with the breast, we like to slice it to about 1/3" thick for quick and even cooking. Can't beat it with some salad and steam rice in a Summer day. Great to make sandwiches with the leftover, We use no other seasoning but just salt and pepper, wife likes to fry it in olive oil instead of my favorite media, peanut oil.
  7. One could always benefit their golf game from golf club fitting. The degree of benefit , depending on the golfer's skill level and the golfer's expectation. In My opinion and experience, the golfer's expectation and skill level pre-set the outcome of the golf club fitting. Even if a golfer had been fitted at some point of time in the past, a recent golf club fitting could, have additional benefit to the golf game.
  8. Don't forget to post the before and the after photos..
  9. Besides the usual, my wife mentioned one of her patient showed her beautiful pictures of a trail loop which goes around Chambers Bay golf course in University Place , Pierce County , Washington. Since all restaurant are still closed for dinning, I decided to take her out on a hiking trip. I had golfed at the Chambers Bay in the past but my wife had never been there. So we go on the 43 miles trip to the Chambers Creek Regional Park on a whim this morning after a big brunch at home. I had never walk the trail but it loops around the outside of the golf course and the view was spectacular. Sunny and warm today unlike the Pacific Northwest we're used to. A month ago we had the heater on in the house and today was close to 80 degrees F when we completed the loop and should get close to 90 degrees F late in the afternoon. Didn't see many golfers on the golf course, maybe because it was the weekend prime rate and Mother's Day...... only saw 3 groups of two-some while we were there. Lots of hikers though, many of us got our under the Sun for a cleansing with the ultraviolet ray. Not used to smelling the sweet smells of suntan lotions. Had a good time there and came home to mow the grass before the rain returns next week. Couldn't stop in the club house restaurant for lunch , otherwise it'll be a perfect day , even for a golfer didn't et to golf.
  10. You are an experienced golf nut, and you reset the ferrule at no avail . Strange, I can only guess if the assembler for the Callaway clubs did not prep the inside of the ferrule. or did not use the collared ferrule as most the callaway golf clubs needing that feature. OEM could not match the quality control they used to have because of changed business model. Most of the OEM clubs were assembled here in the States by independent contractors, to safe cost from importing components instead of assembled golf clubs. Quite a bit of difference on import tariff importing parts instead a completed products. I would contact Callaway customer service to let them know what happend and see their reaction. At least they will know this is happening and hopefully something good will come out of this.
  11. Have no idea ! Was going through couple of surgery early part of last year, and then this COVID-19 Stay At Home Order...... the only few times I had got to the driving range at the beginning of this year showed the rusty golf game I had left. Been m more than a year since I got on the golf courses. Probably a 35 index ( maximum allowed ). Honestly, I have no idea. I'm sure the guys I golfed with wanted their dollars back, eagerly !
  12. Have you reshaft it ? Was the ferrule a collared ferrule called for the conned hosel ? The section of shaft under the ferrule prep the same as the inserted section ? most the ferrule creeping up was cause by either the shaft raised up due to air pressure before the epoxy was cured, or excessive shaft movement when club head contacting the golf ball and the ground. If you look at a frame by frame still photo of the close up when the golf club strike the golf ball and the ground.... there are a lot of movement between each part of the hosel and shaft and the ferrule..... I had replace with non-collared ferrule on all reshafting and no issue, ever. Except when the shaft had a little play, around the top of the hosel, which allowed for extra movement when in use; apply enough epoxy and the ferrule will stayput. Here is a tip for you, run a rat tail file through the ferrule several times to rough up the interior wall of the ferrule apply thin coat of epozy and you'll never have another creeped up ferrule. Always prep "all" surfaces to be epoxied.
  13. Very possibly, especially if not enough epoxy was applied when slipped on the ferrule. There is no way the ferrule can be flush with the hosel if the shaft is bent.
  14. Depends on the company and how long we had to wait to tee off. Small talk is welcomed by me when I'm not in the process of making a golf shot. However, I had played with company whom deserve nothing else but a "nice shot" once in awhile. I've had matched up with golfers whom were just a chatter box.... didn't mind that as longs as they kept quiet when I stand over a shot. Absolutely no noise when I stand over a putt. I enjoyed a good casual conversation ( away from Religion, Politics, and subjects that's too personal to be discussed on the golf course ). Over the decades I had enjoyed the meeting of strangers on the first tee box for 4-5 hours of golf. Only remembered a couple of cases of unpleasant encounters which I didn't even offer to shake hands after putt out on the 18th. I like that better than playing with the same group of golfers every week. Perhaps, I would enjoy golfing with the same group of guys when I get to a point not able to remember names...................
  15. Yes, the steel shaft would bent right at the hosel top if pounding thousands of range balls off the matt+cement floor. I had a set of Ben Hogan from the 70's through the 80's pounding hundreds of range ball a day through many Winter says and that set had a slight bent right where the tip meets the hosel end. Noticed the slightly bent tips when I pulled the shaft 3 decades later. If you notice the bent angle are all uniformed to one direction and more pronounced in the short irons.... then most likely it was caused by hitting range balls off a hard surface. I was just suggesting that it could be one of the cause of a bent shaft tip since when the metal is heated up would be more pliable to the twisting and angled contact when extracting with hands. Nothing wrong with using hands to extract the steel shaft. Just that I , myself could not get a linear pull of the shaft. I assume if you secure the head in a vice, you can extract the steel shaft by pulling it out in a straight line. Also, I had been dealing with a lot of the modern steel shafts, Not sure if the thin wall construction to save weight or maybe the softer metal material composite to gain more feel had anything to do with more bent shaft tips these days. Ben Hogan iron set used one of the earliest light weight shaft in the days and that could have something to do with the bent shaft tips.
  16. Yeah, happen to me still when I try to save the ferrule, often the spot on top of the hosel next to the ferrule position needs patience. Even after I warm up the ferrule and pushed it up slightly and wrap it with moisture, still difficult to give it enough heat to soften the epoxy. Cut off the ferrule to expose the top of the hosel will be the easiest way. Also remembered at one time there was a batch of shafting epoxy with higher break down point. Maybe 10-12 years ago, there was a batch everyone was using which needed more heating time to breakdown the epoxy. Anyway. you did the right thing, heating the hosel up and give it a little time for the heat to expand into the interior of the hosel , reheat let rest a minute and repeat several times to break down the tough epoxy. A two step process for my own use is to heat up the hosel with propane heater then a mini torch for the bottom and the top of the hosel, when the epoxy broken down, quickly reheat the whole hosel ( adapter ) with propane torch then proceed to extract the shaft. I still like to use extractor for steel shafts, done it with leather gloves and twisting out the shaft by hands but, learned that some shaft with softer tips will deform slightly when using this method when not pulling the shaft out in a linear line. Which is hard to do with free hands. If anyone wonders why the tip of the steel shaft is bent slightly, this might be one of the possible cause.
  17. Make sure ALL the epoxied surface are heat up ! Often neglected spots are (1) bottom of the hosel bore (2) close to the top hosel opening . Even if there is only a very small area not heated up properly, the epoxy will hold the shaft in place for pulling. People usually have difficulty extracting shafts because one small area is not heated enough to break down the epoxy. Of course, if used a non-shafting epoxy with higher break down temperature would be a huge issue.
  18. Lucky for you, Keeping your facial hair trimmed will not be too much a chore ? It's more difficult for those whom had 30-50 years of "accumulation of time" shown on their physical appearance . My wife could testify that I had changed quite a bit on my physical appearance from the time we were married. I used to be a fit and strong guy...... now I'm still fit for my age but no where close to the man I used to be ..... that goes for my golf game also.
  19. Although women like shining glittering stuff and flowers, but most of them love to hear you telling them that you still feel the same for them after all these time. Think of why your wife fell in love with you in the first place and then act a little more of that man even for just a day. I didn't ask you to look like that man because it'll probably be a tall order.
  20. I don't have a specialized or home made tool to remove the grips installed with traditional double sided tape. Been able to save some OEM grips for my other jobs when reshafting a couple of broken shafts. People were pretty surprised that they received their reshafting job back with the OEM grips. What you need are two simple tools which you might have around the house ( or been tossing them in recycle bin in the past ). The hard cardboard tube which comes in the plastic food wraps ( Saran Wrap ) fits over the grip , which is a little larger than you need. If you can go to hardware store and get a piece of plastic pipe ( or hard rubber tube ) which slide on the grip with a little room allowed for expansion. You'll need an air compressor with reserve tank to maintain a pressure of > 95 psi. I use 100-110 psi because I want it done faster and could control the expansion of the grip with the sleeves mentioned above. When the air hits a tough spot inside the grip and the wall of the grip starts to expand, the hard sleeve you put on the grip will stop the grip from further ballooning to deform the shape. You can gently twist the tube withe the grip tightly fitted inside the tube to loosen it. If nor budging, give a few drops of solvent into the vent hole of the grip and let the air send the solvent down to the spot where it got stuck. Usually, you will hear a loud POP, when the air stream went through the grip fasten by the grip tape. Grip the tube and twist it with solvent applied to remove the grip. The grip will expand a little but if you reinstall it with double sided grip tape, it'll be serviceable. You can use a section from the by gone year's club tub. Those were made from plastic, tough enough to hold the expanding grip in place and also if cut open one end you can overlap the wall to have a firm hold on the grip to give it a twist to loosen it from the grip tape. Solvent will help if used with the air tool. It took me several rounds of practice , but one could get the idea pretty quickly. The only grip that would not work well to remove is a double layer construction . i.e. the Winn wrap, which has a thin under listing and wrap over the underlisting. Because the two material have different expansion rate, it can not be saved is it had been installed with double sided tape. Even using the grip removal tool and solvent. The wrap will be separated from the rubber under listing once solvent is involved. No issue with the jumbo putter grips if they were installed with air in the first place. With the larger putter grips often need to built up the lower hand section because the shaft is tapered skinnier on the low hand but the grip I.D. is a parallel void . So build up the lower hand section with a few layers of tapes to make sure the putter grip will stay on firmly. This is often overlooked even by the "professionals " at our local golf stores. Had to fix a few of these for friends.
  21. A doer might not be a good talker, and a good talker might not be a great player. It is a golf talk show afterall. I can't imagine the golf greats like Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus........ sit in the broadcast booth for hours talking golf. It'll be really boring for sure. Not to mention Ben Hogan, he'd kill the whole show by saying one sentence " find it in the dirt" , or "practice more " ! A good host for any talk show is to be able to stretch the topic a little longer than necessary but, with content interesting enough to keep the attention of the audience. The easiest and most common way to achieve this is to create somewhat a controversy. As we had seen in other media report. Like one of my friends commented on today's News report, Don't even Start on the subject., he says The days of "And that's the way it is," is long gone. Sensationalism is selling and copy cats abound !
  22. release


    True story. A guy used to be the chef to make up airline menu for more than a dozen airlines in the 90's. He thought he had discovered the best tasting fried rice on the commuter airline, on one of his trip from Macau to Mainland China. He visited their SkyChef kitchen to observe just how this delicious fried rice was made. The conclusion was, pork fat was used to cook the fried rice. He told me this recipe will never work here because airlines here require Healthy Ingredients. Salty pork fat from bacon is excellent for cooking eggs. One of the secret when old fashioned dinner cook eggs alongside the bacon on the same surface. Eggs will soak up all the goodness from the bacon fat, much better than using butter. Except for, watch out for kidney stone buildup..... so drink lots of water. I mean lots !
  23. Like most the newbies, expecting nothing less than a miracle. After the fitting with the "new or adjusted" golf clubs, we should play golf like the pros we see on televised tournaments.
  24. We don't have "shallow cup" , we have raised cup lining. Where the white plastic cup lining is raised a few inches off the putting surface and consider holed out if the golf ball touched any part of the cup lining. Flag stayed in and no one touches any part of the flag stick nor the cup. Kind of funky not "hole" out a putt and some of the guys will hit their putt extra firm to hold a better line to hit the white plastic cup lining. I don't like it but, that's the way the golf course is set up. Seriously, I might just wait out the whole thing until it's over, even if I have to sacrifice this golf season.
  25. Using air method vs traditional method, the difference is like using hosel adaptor vs. epoxied hosel. One of the original reason why I turned to using air is the ability to remove the grip from one club and use it later. whether be storing the grip in a ziploc over the winter season or installing it on another set of golf clubs. I saved money and the turnaround time. Still use the traditional way installing the grip with double sided grip tape when it was requested. The air installed grips will slip or twist a little if the grip is not tightly fitted. The adhesive glue on the grip tape will help a little more to prevent twisting. I had only seen one case where the golfer managed to twist the grip no matter the grip was installed with the double sided tape or with air. Even with the original OEM installed grips we could see the twisting mark. the lower hand and the upper hand position twisted to the opposite direction. He only has a swing speed of 85-90 MPH with his driver, so there must had been something wrong of how he gripped the golf clubs.
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