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  2. Just a little fellow Cedar Rapids, Iowa pride in this choice as Captain. Way to go Zach!
  3. I agree. I think there is a mutual respect between Shiels and MGS. I think the comments tied them together. Or at least Shiels has openly commented about the respect he has for MGS and especially their thorough testing.
  4. This was news to me. There is reported to be a beef with MGS and Rick Shiels? He addresses it in his latest podcast.
  5. Anyone have a MGS driver headcover they will part with? I missed out on getting one before they sold out. Sorry if this is not allowed. Vince
  6. This is one of the coolest things MGS does. Happy for all the winners of last year and looking forward to watching it again this year.
  7. TXG opted to keep this discussing going on their Live discussion today.
  8. Thanks for doing AMA with MGS! 3 Questions: 1) It seems like you had a different path into Callaway than say an engineer, what does Director of Tour content involve? Follow up to that is how did your other jobs lead you to this position? 2) If Callaway didn't have to conform the rules of golf, what kind of performance could be attained in a driver? Super forgiving? Super long? I know Callaway had their non-conforming driver years ago and obviously it didn't sell well and was discontinued but is this ever explored again with the amount of new golfers taking up the game? 3) Ball question. The Callaway ball slogan is "Better for Everyone". Can you explain this slogan and how this is perceived as honest marketing?
  9. Isn't there always a big difference between what is good for the consumer and what is good for the seller? If all things were equal, a consumer would always choose free as his 1st choice. Conversely, the seller always wants to sell the product and service for the most possible. Oh if only time were unlimited and the actual person (Joe Fitter) could just fill his day with more sessions than he might earn what he is worth. Want to make more? Do more fittings. Is that what we are trying to tell them? No wonder they are hard to come by. That's like telling a car salesman on a low commission structure: "oh if you want to make more, all you do is have to sell more". The business model of TXG is different than the business model of Joe Fitter trying to make a living and feed his family. For TXG to make more money they need to do more fittings per day/hour/week/month whether they charge upfront for their fittings or not. But how does Joe Fitter make more? How do free fittings benefit him? How does not paying Joe Fitter what he is worth benefit the golf industry in the long run? All the great Joe Fitters go and find better paying jobs and golf becomes a hobby, now there are no great fitters around. My parents taught me to value others time and don't expect anything for free.
  10. Not sure where to post this but thought it was cool that Rick Shiels had some nice comments about My Golf Spy and their testing process vs his own personal reviews of equipment and how they are different. Nice recognition guys! Discussion starts at about 20:55.
  11. I have a relatively short back stroke and accelerate thru impact according to how long the putt is. Recently I was fitted by Edel and with counterweight it in the grip the fitter made the head feel light. He mentioned that a heavy head would be terrible for my style. Loving the Edel and it’s almost instinctual now as how hard to hit it, it’s almost and extension of my hands. Very eye opening fitting session.
  12. Thank you for taking your time and doing this Q & A. MGS has developed a great platform in the AMA series. I have always viewed programs like this more for lower handicap players as higher handicap players are still working on consistency on a swing by swing basis. Is this accurate or is there a huge benefit for speed training with higher handicap players too? What would you suggest as far as skill level before speed training?
  13. I have had a few different bags now and can chime in with some input. My 1st 3 wheel cart was a ClicGear and recently I got a MotoCaddy trolley. I've had a standard cart staff bag at first and then found one of the rare and discontinued ClicGear bags. Just recently I changed to one of the MotoCaddy bags. Standard Cart bag: Very difficult to use, hard to get clubs in and out of the bag. These bags were designed to ride upright in a riding cart. No surprise here. The ClicGear bag was a huge improvement and made club selection and removal much much easier. They really did design it for use and ease of use on a 3 wheel cart. The club dividers are laid out in such a way that the heads are not laying on top of each other. The one thing I disliked about the ClicGear bag was that it wasn't very stiff, if that makes sense. The bag itself would twist and lean when it was strapped into the cart for support. Pockets were well thought out and the cooler was a nice size. MotoCaddy PRO bag. I decided to get one of these and see if it would replace the ClicGear bag. If I didn't like it better I would simply return it. The PRO bag is really good for the Trolley. It has a clip in feature that fits into slots on the trolley making it so you don't have to even have a strap on the bottom of the bag. If you don't have a MotoCaddy cart, don't worry this feature does not have to be used and it will secure just fine. This bag is equally as well thought out with the angle it sits in a 3 wheel cart. Club dividers are staggered and laid out perfectly. Pockets and accessibility are spot on too for the angles. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this bag to anyone with a 3 wheel cart. One slight miss I will mention on this bag is the cooler pocket. While still large enough for 3 12 oz water bottles they missed a great opportunity for a larger cooler. As you look at pictures of this bag the middle pocket is the cooler. They should have made the bottom pocket the cooler which would have been much larger and made more sense. I think they wanted to boast about storage room over a how big of cooler it could have had. It does have an isolated outside accessible beverage pocket that is really handy and convenient. There are very few pictures of this bag online other than the stock picture of the overall bag. So if anyone wants additional pictures I'd be glad to take some and upload them.
  14. You are absolutely correct, it doesn’t tell the whole story. So many stats can be taken out of context as it were. What I do know from this round is with the way I was striking the ball (not real great), I was not giving myself quality looks. But I 1 putted 5 holes which I’ve never done (with zero 3 putts), even when I was on and hit great shots. I totally understand what you’re saying though. Very next time out I very well might have 36+ putts and feel great about it. Wind, pin position and the mood of “he who cuts the cup” all come into play.
  15. I'll add to this that I went back and looked at my stats for the round of golf I played last night. I knew I wasn't striking the ball the best but my overall score stayed the same. Now I see how. Last night I had 31 putts for 18 holes. For the season, every round averaged out to a predictable 36 putts per round, until this round. Even when I played the low round of the year for me, I averaged....you guessed it, 36 putts.
  16. I had heard of this years ago and didn't think too much of it. I watched Crossfield's video as linked above and was intrigued. So I rolled out my 12' practice green and started rolling some putts. I couldn't believe how it feels. I practiced quite a bit at home over 3 days and went to play a round of golf last night. I gave a couple rolls on the practice greens and thought what do I have to lose? Here are my observations from my round and the practice green rolls. Overall I putted great during that round of golf. It did get dark and I misread the greens on a few breaks. When I would miss a putt (of any length) , I'd pull the ball back and putt traditional. Still missed them. It was a misread on my part, every time. I never missed with a Heads Up putt on one that was in the range of "should" make. The ones in the range I should have made, were a misread on my part and I missed them both Head up and Eyes Down. Darkness had a big factor in the misreads on the last 3 holes. I did notice that you really have to commit in your mind to pull the trigger and let your instinct about how hard to hit the putt come in. When I failed to commit I would tentatively hit the ball and it would come up short. When committed though, if I missed the putt it was right by the hole or slightly passed. I am "die at the hole" type putter and have a tendency to leave them short so actually rolling them past the hole 4"-12" (on long lags) was somewhat refreshing. I also noticed the need (practice matt putting, practice green putting and during the round) that I need to focus very specific to the hitting spot I am looking at. We're talking blade of grass (perhaps on the back side of the cup on short putts), a ball divot mark on bending putts and not a vague area, even like an old hole 4" location circle. I will continue to putt this way at least for a while. If I feel like it starts to fail me or just feel more comfortable on putting eyes down a particular putt, I will do it. Already it feels almost odd keeping my head down on putts. On the ground scuffing worry, here is what has worked for me. And I have never scuffed the ground after starting this. Rest putter behind ball online. Look at putt and pick a specific spot. Align putter accordingly. Look at ball, raise and hover the putter. Look back and find specific spot again and then stroke the putt. Works for me so far.
  17. Very nice interview and great job to MGS for thinking this concept up. Just have to add: GO IOWA!
  18. Very true and valid point. I couldn't find a way to copy the alignment part of the fit. Even bought a couple dollar laser pointer and had some reflective tape and tried. LOL. It was a very primitive test for sure. Lots of ways to find the fairway so to speak. It was impressive enough to me to see the need to go get fit for a putter. And now I won't do one in which fitting for sight lines isn't part of the fit. In rural Iowa though, easier said than done. : (
  19. After reading of how Edel does their putting fittings and of the individuality on sight lines and how individuals perceive them as open/square/shut, I did some experimenting with my putter. I taped over the sight line and tried different configurations of marks with a sharpie. Primitive I know. But you know what? Some putts I consistently hit to the right of the cup, others to the left and some right into the hole. When you are on a practice mat on concrete in your house and there are basically no ground inconsistencies like grass bumps or breaks etc, you hit exactly where you are aimed. Or will over the course of a bunch of putts. I narrowed down a lot of options to just a few and worked them forward and backward and came to the conclusion which one was best for me on my current putter. Been putting with so much more confidence ever since. And holing a bunch of putts! I'd still like to do a proper putter fitting but based on what my conclusions are on sight lines but I am not convinced anything sort of a fitting that addresses the individuality of site lines is adequate. Try the test our and see for yourself. Unless you are gaming a triple track or something with a ton of sight lines it is really easy to do and costs you nothing.
  20. Vince Anamosa, Iowa Snell MTB-X When I first picked up the game I blindly ordered a bunch of logo overrun balls on clearance from Golfsmith. They came in and they were Top Flight 2000's with Looney Toon characters all over them. Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fud pictures. I had dozens and dozens of these balls. At my home course (where I lost most of them) I still will occasionally find one that someone else must have found and put it in play only to lose and then me find. Makes me laugh every time.
  21. I have the same exact shaft in my driver, 3, 5 and have a 7 wood coming with the same shaft too. It's what I was fit into on my driver and the fitter recommended keeping them all the same since it works so well.
  22. Vince Anamosa Iowa Yes. El cheapo from Dicks purchased at the start of the pandemic. I wasn't sure how often I would use but turns out I use it quite frequently. Yes. Shot Vision on the Iphone.
  23. Vince from Anamosa Iowa 13W Callaway Comfort on spike locations
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