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  1. Anthony / Chicago, IL / USA Bettinardi BB1 (2011) I've always played an anser-style putter, so I'd be happy to test the Anser 2. But the one that really appeals to me is the ZB3. It looks beautiful, and the picture from above makes me want to run out to the course and play. For both models, I like the color contrasts for alignment, and I like the idea of a firm feel. For the ZB3, I like the prospect of more toe-hang (which fits my stroke) and I'd really like to try the dot on top rather than the alignment line.
  2. 1. +1.0, Chicago, IL 2. Mizuno MP-18 SC, 155 yards 3. Very little. I've seen the name in My Golf Spy's research reports, but that's about it.
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