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  1. Why aren't there more offerings in really big headed fairways? Why is it so hard to find a stock 55/10 player's sand wedge?--I challenge you to find one or tell me how to get one, without regrinding, currently new on market.
  2. I had a poor experience with golf tech. It's a one size fits all approach and they're trying to sell a limited stock of expensive U. S. market goods. One thing, they can't get Japanese equipment. Another, like most manufacturers they assume if you have low clubhead speed you're not very good or have a number of swing flaws. I'm a slow swinger who occasionally shoots in the 60s. During initial intake the guy was incredulous and arrogant. I was looking for very specific things. They wanted to go elsewhere. We did a 10 shot test and I hit ten drives 205 yards right on top of each other and it was clear they couldn't or wouldn't or weren't capable to work with me at the level I was looking for. Mostly I just video my own swing and look for the shafts, clubheads and wedges I want and need between the cracks. I had a close friend who's very gifted at golf and has a limited knowledge of the swing who got screwed up with them as well. It's a system thing. They have a hard time dealing with idiosyncrasies.
  3. Hermes is always good. I also like Moncler, Arc'teryx and KJUS.
  4. Handicap 4, current irons Bridgestone forged jgr, 8 iron distance 142 to 153. I know almost nothing about sub70. I would require a lightweight steel shaft in stiff for proper testing. Have gamed Zelos8 stiff for 6 years.
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