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  1. Silly argument. Arm lock putting is not illegal because the rules allow it. Period. With the blowback that the USGA had from the PGA of America about banning the anchoring of long putters I doubt that the USGA is in any mood to ban the arm lock method. Golfers go to other methods of putting when they feel like they can not putt with a short putter any more. Everyone that uses these methods are basically putting cripples and 99 out of a hundred that try it do not putt a bit better. Growing the game is in the best interest of all golfers and banning any method that does not let you stand behind the ball to putt is not beneficial to growing the game.
  2. Handicap 0.3 Location- Spring Creek Ranch, Collierville TN Current irons- ping i500 8 iron distance- 150 yds Nothing about Sub70 irons. Clean slate.
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