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  1. 1. Index at 14 with serious peaks and valleys, in Austin, TX. 2. Currently playing Adams xtd forged, though only in the last month made switch from Taylormade rsi-2, looking for more control. Stuck in between players and distance irons, basically. 8 iron goes 165 with rsi, 160 with xtd. 3. Was introduced to sub70 via this website and forums. Visit the website frequently and felt the 699 pro was a good fit. Have a Background in golf retail and reviews having run content marketing for Golfsmith up until It closed, so love to keep my ear to the ground for new approaches to the industry, as well as being a tinkerer. Was very intrigued by these and they felt like a perfect in between. Then when Ohio shut down and sub70 had to temporarily close the opportunity to test them out Disappeared. My big concern is the pvd finish, as there was some talk early about a different, longer lasting finish being used for production. Very curious about putting these in my bag.
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