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  1. 1) 18 HC Chicago IL 2) Callaway XR irons; 8 iron distance is 166 yards In warm weather, 158 in cold. 3) I know about Sub 70 from mygolfspy.. Their raw wedge is my favorite club. I also have their pro 5 wood in my bag, usually. I’ve published a science fiction novel, so you’ll get a well written review!
  2. 1) handicap 18 2) Irons Callaway XR. 8 iron goes 166 in warm weather and 159 in cold. 3) I live in Illinois and learned about sub 70 through mygolfspy’s review of their raw wedge, which I game. I also purchased their pro fairway 5 wood.
  3. 1) 18-20 handicap 2) Callaway XR irons 3) I’m an illinois native and first learned about Sub 70 from you guys. I game their forged raw wedge (favorite club in my bag) and rotate their Pro Fairway 5 wood in and out depending on the course/conditions. I’ve also published a science fiction book, so I have experience writing, if that factors into your consideration.
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