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  1. Frank from Cortland, IL USA Currently using the 2020 Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 I'm most interested in the Fetch and Tomcat 14. I've always used a blade and wanted to try switching to a mallet. When I upgraded from my old Anser blade this spring, I tried the SpyderX for about a week, but decided to stick with a blade and picked up the Scotty instead. I'd love to give mallets a more extensive try.
  2. Frank in Cortland, IL 12 handicap Callaway Apex 19 irons
  3. Frank - Cortland, IL Callaway MD5 Jaws: 58 degree/W grind/12 degree bounce & 64 degree/S grind/10 degree bounce I'd like to try a 52 degree. I gap from 48 to 58 and am considering ditching the 64 for a 52.
  4. 1) 12 handicap from the DeKalb, IL area 2) Currently using Callaway Apex 19 irons, which are only about a month old. I was previously using Ping S59's. I'm hitting the new 8 iron 158-166 yards. 3) Although I'm less than 5 miles and about 10 minutes away from Sub 70, I know very little about the company and have never been to the store or warehouse. A couple of weeks ago, I was matched with a group of 3 guys while golfing. One of the guys admired my new clubs and made the comment that he could have put together a similar bag for me for a fraction of the cost. I scoffed and got ready f
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