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  1. I was just starting to break into the 80s on a regular basis which felt good. I wanted to take some lessons to fix a few things and perhaps elevate the game even further. Long story short the lessons broke me completely. I was at a point a few months ago that I almost considered giving up the game. It was that bad. Any tips on regaining the swing and some confidence?
  2. PW is 45, then I have a 52, 56 and 58. Full swing 52 carries 120-5 yds, 56 carries 100 yds, 58 carries 80 yds. I use them around the green depending on the lie and circumstances.
  3. Half Dollar from the year I was born.
  4. I would say don't go in with an ide of exactly what you want. Let the fitter help you with finding the right club. The numbers and how you feel swinging them won't lie.
  5. Putting is so so personal. What grip, what stance, where are our eyes???? So many thoughts. The only tip that has ever helped me was the one Gary Player gave his grandson, keep your head still through the stroke.
  6. Tough to tell without seeing the lie. If I get a flier lie might be a 7 iron. If it isn't a good lie I punch it out with something like a 5 iron and get it as close as I can while taking my medicine. If it is really horrific maybe just a wedge and suck it up.
  7. Wishing you luck. When these pop up on Ebay they go for about $1000
  8. I have the 699 Pros 4-PW with KBS Tour 120 Stiff shafts and I love love love these clubs! The ball flight is incredible.
  9. I recently purchased a set of 699 Pros, 4-PW and love them! KBS Tour 120 stiff shafts. Worked with a local fitter to get my specs down, called Jason at Sub70 and we worked out the details. I have gotten them out on the course 3 times so far. The ball flight is incredible. Really enjoying them so far.
  10. Bridgestone Tour BXS for me! Started using them last year and have tried a few others but keep coming back to them.
  11. I would say do a demo with the clubs to try them out. The fitting certainly is going to help.
  12. I recently broke into the 80s with some consistency and felt like the time was right for me to make that next leap. This felt like a natural step and I am very glad I took it. Before the deep freeze settled in I was able to hit the 9, 6 and 4 on the range and I love them! KBS Tour 120 shafts, plus 1 degree lie and 1/4" longer shafts.
  13. Pulled the trigger on Sub 70 699 Pro irons. Jason, the CEO was very helpful. I went through a local fitting, gave him the numbers and we settled in. Have only hit them on the range so far but love them!
  14. I used to like the Kirkland Signature when it first came out. After the updates it just felt a little dead and I lost a lot of distance with the new version.
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