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  1. HCP-15, Rockford,Il currently playing Cobra F9. I hit them decently, 8 iron is 165. i have not heard of Sub 70, but the irons look beautiful and i am someone who loves the smaller brands. I am new to golf, i started last year with my dad who was a college golfer. Through that, we have been able to grow much closer. With finishing college this year, and the current situation of the world, the one blessing for me is getting to golf almost daily. I’ve gone from a 22 HCP to 15. I would love to try new irons since mine are nice, but i feel like they won’t support the growth i want to achieve. i know i will not be the best golfer to try the clubs skill wise. But i play 4-5 rounds a week, go to the range, and just love golf. I also believe that having a more ‘average’ golfer demo clubs will appeal to the market as a whole. Anyone can watch a tour pro rip irons down the flag stick, but what about someone who is just like them? thank you, Grant Bliss
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