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  1. Yeah....I tried, too. Somehow 4 episodes flew right by. Very well done. (I will say no more)
  2. Sure looked like a political rally this week......just sayin.......
  3. The Sweet Spot.......recent favorite
  4. EEZurg

    79 or 80?

    I will jump in....80. If you had been successful, would there be any question? nothing personal.... Curious to see if i get pummeled......
  5. I think those numbers are very suspect.....don't match what i see on the course. Maybe it's just me.
  6. For me, it happened when I finally bought a range finder. After measuring front/back/pin to greens.....I can reasonably approximate the carry. Any decent longer shot, I measure to an object near where it landed. Most days the thing i measure the least is the pins.....really have a better handle on my yardages all while playing.
  7. So is the Pro on the left in every pic but the last? Great pics...thnaks....just wanna make sure
  8. I let my driver live rent free in my head, as they say, for a while. I was overthinking it. Played the mini-driver, as you say you have, for a while for confidence. Curious if I was missing out on any yardage, I used driver on the widest open holes....then snuck it back in more and more. Just my experience.....good luck.
  9. In the immortal words of Meatloaf...."two outta three ain't bad" I think the first guy did you a solid by not wasting your time or money. It just wasn't a fit. Maybe he is burned out.
  10. If it's the only problem club, put it away for a while. I've done this.....and I am always surprised how quickly it makes it back into the bag. First, only on wide open fairways....then more frequently. Not saying all the other advice isn't spot on, but sometimes things can just get in your head.
  11. Tried it for the first time this summer....wish I had years ago. They come in pairs but for humidity/sweat I only used/needed one.
  12. Rain gloves are perfect for hot/humid weather....instead of sweating thru a couple of gloves.
  13. I agree with the ruling....but also...what was the big rush to pick it up? Concede the putt, but there really is no need to pick up anyone else's ball or marker. That kinda bugs me.
  14. Big Tour Edge fairway wood fan.....highly recommend
  15. I can't wrap my head around anything too "golf-tech". Found a pro that can teach without "golf-tech" and I can wrap my head around the ideas much better. Too many positions and angles running around my head and I'm a mess..... Check out Danny Maude.....he's a great example of trying to simplify things without getting too technical...as an example.
  16. I've had my TAIII wide blade for a few weeks now. Great putter. What it HAS exposed is my green reading. I can start the ball on line easier with this putter than any I have used.....missed putts are more often misreads than mis-hits. Also, I really like that the weight kit is included....you can really dial in the speed control/feel. The TAIII has no alignment line....just a dot. I find that far less distracting. Great magnetic head cover also..... As always with my Sub70....only complaint is I waited too long to pull the trigger on the purchase.
  17. Dumped my driver this week. Least consistent club in my bag....sick of trying to adjust to it. Brought out the ole aeroburner mini driver (14deg)...don't know why, always hit it pretty consistently. Consistent contact leads to confidence....SO much more enjoyable! Also...even if it's a little shorter (and maybe not)....I am not relying on that 1 in 10 chance of really catching it with the driver. I am just sick of mishits.
  18. It depends why I think I need new clubs. If I'm hitting a club well, but aren't getting the same results as others (distance, shape)....I would start there. Putters are used the most.....so many styles to help.
  19. I did get a mid-size grip on my A wedge that matches my set, as it will be for mostly full swings. The Kirkland grips are not my favorite, but, to my surprise, I am liking the standard (narrower?) grips on the wedges for partial shots and around the greens. have more feel. I can see me switching out the gap wedges from time to time, to get a feel for what is best for me. One of the reasons I bought the Kirklands....a cheaper way to experiment with my wedge setup.
  20. Love mine. I have also found the 60 to be the best out of the sand. Best wedges I've owned. The one minus I see, yet not a problem yet, is the grips. It seems like they will wear out very quickly. As I have been using the 52 for mostly full shots (sand wedge is great for the partial shots and around the greeen) I am getting the A wedge to match my irons (699 Pros) hoping for a little more distance and similar feel and less bounce.
  21. The longer I own my rangefinder, the more there is no going back to GPS (I always have it on the Grint if i absolutely need it). I was very skeptical, but find more ways to use it every day. Any given round I get more yardages on other things than I get on pins. Feel like I have a better grasp on my carry/total yardages with clubs with the rangefinder. The slope feature is great....surprising how much/little difference the slope makes (I would always guess wrong) Never thought I'd say these things. Also, the battery lasts forever.....no charging. Biggest surprise of all.
  22. Justin Rose for the low score.... how will they match up my Grint name with my profile name here?
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