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  1. You should be able to use your own G400 head for the fitting. I had a ping g400 3wood and did exactly what you want to do last March. The fitting will consist of you warming up, a slew of shaft options, and a stat sheet at the end with the best shaft for YOUR swing. They will print out the specs and give you a copy (don’t leave without it). You can always shop around for the shaft from your fitting or find a similar one. As for similar shafts, ask the fitter about previous models. My fitter in Cleveland was very accommodating especially when I told him my financial goal in regards to my clubs. Finally, I will not buy clubs again without a fitting. Hope this helps.
  2. I have used CC for my fittings in Cleveland and had good experiences with the branch. The fitter was attentive, suggested I hit the clubs when I picked them up...BEFORE I left the store, suggested and followed through with a loft and lie inspection/correction of all my irons when I returned for a new club after the season. Having said that, the customer service through CC outside of the branch location is subpar. Calls go unanswered & unreturned, emails get the same treatment. If not for the fitter and the Cleveland branch itself, I would go elsewhere.
  3. Dan - Cleveland, Ohio iPhone XS and the IPad mosty indoor with excellent lighting and outdoor when old man winter takes a few days off using a net indoors, outdoors would be on a range or a net
  4. Dan from Cleveland, Ohio I do not have a net but have used a couple. I do not have a launch monitor.
  5. Dan Cleveland, Ohio Ping G410+ handicap 11.6 100mph TSi 3
  6. I am a 13 handicap in Cleveland, Ohio current irons - Taylormade M3s with 160yd 8-iron other than being a direct to consumer company I know nothing of Sub 70
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