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  1. Sub70 699Pro pitching wedge at 45 and Gap at 50 degrees. Sub70 JB raw wedges at 54 and 58 degrees. Can lay the 58 open and hit pretty solid flop shots and happy with all wedges at this point.
  2. Congrats to the chosen testers, this will be a thread I pay attention to. Interested to see the challenges others are talking about and the results.
  3. I play the 699Pro iron, 4-AW with a few customizations to them. Played Titleist irons for a long time and never really thought I would make a change but Sub70 caught my eye after reading a bunch of positive reviews about quality, craftmanship, custom options, etc so I decided to give them a try. Talked with Jason about my game over the course of a couple of conversation and I pulled the trigger. All in for just under $700 compared to about $1700 from other models I was considering. I could sing the praises of these irons for as long as you would like to listen. Superb quality and craftsmanship, confidence at address, and buttery smooth. They are point and shoot weapons that will make you smile. After one solid range session, went to the course and hit 14 greens in regulation. Please don't ask how many birdies I had but safe to say, it was considerably less than GIR's. Also play the 849 Pro driver and it is a keeper. If your looking to make a change and want to try something a little different, give Jason and Sub70 a chance to win your business. You won't be disappointed.
  4. Pics coming. Didn't want to send after first message because I noticed that the head was damaged after unpacking. Sub70 service model comes through and I had a new head delivered 2 days after contacting them. Time to actually hit this damn thing. Clubhead finish is pretty slick with graphite honeycomb design on back of club that fades to a solid black finish near clubface. No alignment aid in crown but at 450cc, don't think it's critical. Hope it flies as good as it looks.
  5. Just received my new toy...Sub70 849 Pro driver 9 degree loft with EvenFlo Riptide 70gram shaft. Looks awesome at address, super nice headcover and packaging, which is typical for Jason and his crew. Only problem is that I haven't had a chance to hit it since receiving because the weather has been absolutely lousy. Better get a window tomorrow or I may lose mind.
  6. I am waiting for this as well although I can't decide between the Pro or the 849D. I spoke with jason last week and like everything else in the Covid era, supply issues are creating delays. I also play the 699Pro irons(4-AW) and if these drivers are anything like the quality and playability of the irons I will be a happy man. Curious how that Sub70 Pro 3 wood is treating you. I currently play an old school Titleist 910F 13 degree and might be looking to get into some new technology.
  7. Mark Deprospero Wildwood, Missouri Titleist 915D2 9.5 degree 12.2 handicap Mid 90's Tsi2
  8. 1. 12.2 handicap, Wildwood, MO (no club membership, just play locally) 2. Titleist 690cb forged blades. Old school 20+yr old but great clubs. 8 iron distance 138-145 3. Been drooling over these irons for 4-5 months. Love the DTC model and the fact that a small company can have technology and craftsmanship that competes with the big boys and their seemingly unlimited R&D budgets. Clean lines, gorgeous look and from everything I've read, super customer oriented. Every review I've read has been stellar and that pretty much backs up my opinion that Sub70 has found a sweet spot for golfers that are sick of paying $1200 plus for big brand clubs. You better get ready to expand your output. It would be a pleasure to take these around to local courses and show them off.
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