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  1. 1- 5 handicap 2- current irons mizuno mp-64 And my 8 iron is my 160 club I hit it generally 160ish with just a stock swing 3- I was turned onto sub 70 a while back by a guy I got paired with at sweetens cove. I started following what they’re doing closely and love what they’re doing with direct pricing and making a quality product for golfers I am actually in the market for some new irons I was going to start looking after this season sub 70 and the new Hogan’s had my eye, but the Hogan’s lost out when I found out they don’t have a 3 iron I’m an iron guy and wish I could have a 1&a
  2. I’d love to test a set of these bad boys. I can review em and blog about it. I’m a 5 handicap right now (I’ve had a cold putter for a stretch ). I’ve played mizuno blades for 10 years and know a good iron when I hit it
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