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  1. From Honolulu, HI Currently playing the Taylornade Hi-Toe wedges in a 52 and 58 I would love to try a 56 in whatever finish!
  2. 1. 6 handicap living in Honolulu, HI 2. I'm currently gaming the Taylormade P730 in a PW-5 iron and a P770 4 iron. My 8 iron is currently my 145 yard club and can be used between 135 and 150 depending on the shot. 3. I've heard of Sub 70 but honestly would love to try their product while doing some research into their company. I know they are a direct to consumer brand that works to provide decent quality fitting and quality products at fractions of the cost of the big OEM brands. From what I have seen they do make gorgeous looking clubs and I do feel that these irons would be right up my alley.
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