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  1. I should also say if you don't mind driving just a tad, the Legends courses and TPC Myrtle Beach are worth the effort and they won't eat your lunch too bad if you play from the more forward tees...there are some forced carries though but the courses are fun to play.. the drive isn't too bad since they have mostly finished a better by-pass system from north to south
  2. I've been playing in the Myrtle Beach World Am every August since 2012 Here are some suggestions... Like a couple of people mentioned, Myrtlewood is a good place to start...Unless something has changed drastically in the past year, stay away from the Big Cats...they were having severe financial problems and last year players were losing balls in the fairways and chipping on the greens to get the ball to the hole... some other courses to consider for your handicaps: Crow Creek, Farmstead, River Hills some nicer courses: Kings North, Long Bay, Grande Dunes, Glen Dornoch other courses I like but are off US 501 (main drag going into Myrtle, pretty heavy traffic) Wild Wing, The Wizard, The Witch some other easier North Myrtle courses but not as nice: Beechwood, Possum Trot, Eagles Nest plenty of choices, wide variety, have fun
  3. ordered new 425 irons early March...delayed till May 1....now suppose to ship in the next day or two
  4. I'm Scott I live in Mt. Sterling, KY I walk the first 9 at my home course and walk most of the time at other courses I don't walk the second 9 at home because its a 'hike' from 16 to 17 and my buddies get pissy because they can finish 17 before I get to the tee box... I have a Bag Boy Tri Swivel II push cart... I've seen the Moto caddie in use in my trips to the United Kingdom and have pined for them to become available in 'The Colonies' Welcome to the U S of A...
  5. hey, Scott here i live in Mt. Sterling, KY USA my current putter is the Ping Cadence TR Anser 2 black dot i would love to try the Ping Heppler Anser 2 putter
  6. handicap 11.0 Mt. Sterling, KY Mizuno JPX 825 pro 4-gap 8 iron...140-145 I'm not familiar with Sub 70...I haven't done any business with them or researched their company...All i've read about Sub 70 is what has been written in these posts...It would be fun to evaluate some new equipment
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