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  1. Jerry Stayton Temecula CA TM TPC 5/Titleist PV1 When I started playing at 16 Top Flight was all the rage in my little golf world. My father and grandfather played them. The perception was that it was just longer than everything else. So since I often bummed balls from my dad's bag I played a lot of these. I did not know anything else. As I played more I began to branch out to use Tour Edition, Maxifli DDH, and Staff balls. At one point after using Staff for a while I was out of balls and used my dad's Top Flights and they suddenly felt like rocks off my club. I would say that over time that created my aversion. I did not have great feel or judgement as a young player, but Top Flight felt hard, and tended to exaggerate my problem shots. I would love a new Top Flight that performed and was not $50 a dozen.
  2. Handicap 11 Location Southern California Current irons: Wilson LaunchPad 8 iron distance: 140 I love trying new golf equipment as much as trying a new course! I am continually reading and trying new things, not so much to get better or beat partners, but just to satisfy my curiosity. I also have a large family of golfers who continually ask my advice so I like to keep up with the latest. I ESPECIALLY love it when the best clubs are inexpensive, work for a majority of swing types and have a simple, timeless in design. I do not know a lot about Sub70 and have not yet played any of their clubs. I love the Midwest roots (I am from Indiana and spent a chunk of my life on Indiana/Michigan courses). I love underdog companies that focus on quality and design and the pricing scenario is a plus to everyone's bottom line.
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