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  1. Kyle Cincinnati, OH Taylormade M6 15 105 I would be happy to test either but would love the chance to test the TSi3
  2. Kyle Cincinnati, OH Handicap: 15.8 Current Model: Cleveland Appeal: I do love the look of the raw wedges especially when they start to rust but would also be interested to see if I can tell/feel a different when it comes to spin compared to my finished wedges.
  3. Kyle/Cincinnati, OH Handicap: 25 Average Score: 92 Current Irons: Mizuno JPX 800
  4. 1. Mid-20’s handicap, located in Cincinnati, OH 2. Mizuno JPX 800 HD, 8-iron distance around 150 yards 3. I am not super familiar with the company, minus why I’ve read from others in this forum. I do know from perusing their website that they make absolutely stunningly beautiful products and would love to try them out!
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