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  1. Stephen Schwartz Los Angeles, CA I walk at least once per week and will be actively playing in Dec and January. i don’t use anything to track steps now.
  2. Steve Schwartz Los Angeles, CA I started using a net at the beginning of COVID and it has been great. I only play once a week so being able to practice at the end of the day has been super helpful. Plus I just punched a hole in the back tarp of my net so this would be great timing. I don’t use a LM yet but have been trying to figure out a good outdoor LM to use with a net.
  3. Steve Los Angeles, CA Callaway Epic 16.2 98 either would be awesome but if I had to pick one it would be the TSi3
  4. I would love to test the irons. I am a 16 handicap, play at least weekly at MountainGate Country Club and frequently practice in my yard chipping and hitting into my net. I hit my 8 iron around 145 yards. I currently hit with the Calloway Epic irons and epic driver.
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