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  1. Michael / Augusta, GA Vokey SM6 50-12, Cleveland RTX-4 / 56-10 I would choose either 50° or 52°. My RTX-4 is pretty new but I've had the Vokey for a couple seasons now. I would love to try a Zipcore to go along with my RTX-4.
  2. 1. Handicap - 6, Augusta, GA 2. Mizuno MP-5, 8 iron 160 3. I've seen them on Instagram and on forums here. I know they're DTC and I've heard nothing but outstanding things about the company, their products and their customer service. I've checked their website out before and I'm very intrigued to see how they'd compare to the big names of the golf world. I'd love to test these clubs out and give my honest opinion.
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