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  1. Walt - Leesburg, FL Zelos 8 Stiff flex Driver SS - High 90s, 7 Iron SS - Low 80s Recoil 95s in F3 (Regular) flex
  2. If you have an incorrect lie angle in your irons, what affect (tendency to draw or fade) might that have? Does having too much of a flat lie angle have a specific affect? Does having too much of an upright lie angle have a specific affect? Let me know what your experience and wisdom believes, thanks!
  3. Walt Leesburg, FL TaylorMade SIM Max D 8 High 90s TSi3
  4. Walt - Leesburg, FL 9 Mizuno Raw The look, the feel, and the spin!
  5. Thank you Wedgie! I have a hard time completely excluding/ignoring the Nippons when I see a good deal, so if one should come up I will definitely still consider it.
  6. I agree, and with that in mind I am not afraid to make an educated guess as to which iron and shaft might work best for me. If I can't find that combo to hit, but can find a good used set, I will purchase a set, and possibly experiment after the fact if needed. I could use the wisdom of some of our members to help me get a better idea of what might work for me. Thanks again!
  7. Thank you cnosil! I am trying to get the chance to hit with these shafts, but it is very hard for me to find someone local who has the right clubhead and shaft for some of the combinations I mentioned.
  8. I am searching for a new set of irons, and was originally planning on getting a set with Nippon (Modus3 Tour 105s or NS Pro 950s) shafts. Just before making a purchase I had some new pain and soreness (59) that have led me to decide I should get graphite shafts in whatever new iron set I get. I love the Nippon shafts I previously mentioned, so if anyone knows any graphite shafts comparable (especially relating to getting a mid to high launch) to those please let me know. For reference my swingspeed is about 95 with my driver and low 80s with my 7 iron, I have a long, smooth swing and am p
  9. Walt - Leesburg, FL I go to my community holf couse's practice green, since I live in Florida. Very little experience with putting greens Medium
  10. Thank you very much for this info WildCatGolf! Your experience is exactly what I fear and do not want to happen. That is why I have already decided that if I get the Apex's it will be all the 19s, no combo set.
  11. I am in the process of searching for a set of Callaway Apex 19 irons with Nippon Modus3 Tour 105 stiff shafts. They are difficult to find, and I have thought about considering and have been offered an Apex 19 Combo set (4-7 are Apex 19s and 8-AW are Apex Pro 19s) with that shaft. I have hit the Apex 19s and am very comfortable in getting these, but I have not had the chance to hit the Apex Pro, so I am very hesitant. My main question is for those who have hit both or have a combo set, what are the similarities and differences? How much harder are the Pros to hit? Is the technology in each simi
  12. andrewscottyvice... What do you have to offer? A set of Apex 19 irons with Modus3 105 stiff shafts?!
  13. After not playing little or any golf for the past 15 years it's time to not only start playing again, but to get some updated equipment. With that in mind and after doing some research and trials I am decided to search for a used set of Callaway Apex 19 irons. My preference for shafts is the Nippon Modus3 Tour 105 stiff, but I might consider some other shafts. I have hit the Apex 19 7-iron with the Nippon 105 shaft that I picked up on eBay really well and am very much looking forward to getting a set of these irons! Let me know if you think you have something that might fit what I'm searching
  14. Walt - Leesburg, FL PW & GW - Srixon I-302, 60* Lob - Mizuno 58 or 60*
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