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  1. I support everything my fellow tester of the Gamer balls for MyGolf Spy has to say. Check out our reviews here (https://forum.mygolfspy.com/topic/42412-2020-official-member-review-top-flite-gamer-golf-balls/#comments) Seeing these Ball Lab results is not a massive shocker given the price of the ball and brand perception of Top Flite. That being said, I agree with @Tom the Golf Nut that where the cut offs are for a "bad ball" and "average" is very vague. Having played the Gamers extensively, I definitely lost my fair share, but I attributed those to poor swings. I can't recall a ball I st
  2. Thanks! I guess when I say it "worked," I am saying it was more "predictable." With the sliding weights and all the tinkering I could do with it, I was able to get a fairly consistent draw out of it that would go about 250 total. I totally agree that the Mavrik is a significant upgrade over the old R15. The only difference with my Mavrik and why I made this post is that the Mavrik SZ is not a very forgiving club, so where a mishit with my old driver would put me short and a bit off line, the Mavrik has me shorter and farther off line. I think it is decided to get a lesson and keep practic
  3. I tend to fall into this line of thinking: whatever club I am picking, I am trying to hit it as far as I can. I have tried at the range or in lessons to back off my woods and end up causing more problems with my swing and get more erratic by not trying to swing hard because I am altering my timing. I have tried to manage the course better throughout a round, and getting more consistent with my driver off the tee would be a great place to start. I'm going to book a lesson tonight so I can feel more confident and consistent with my driver
  4. Thanks! That is my thinking, and I actually wanted someone to say this "go get a lesson then do another fitting then maybe get a new driver." I was thinking of just buying a new one but needed some discussion to talk me off the ledge and go get a lesson LOL.
  5. Thanks for the info. I know tinkering can lead to a rabbit hole, but I was just curious since the way I had tuned my old driver seemed to really work for me. I will experiment the next time I go to the range. I'm sure my swing does have some things that need to be fixed, but I did feel very consistent with my old one in with particular settings and think maybe slight tweaks to make the new one like that would help get the consistency back.
  6. I could have noted in my last post, the two swing charts I posted were from different sessions. The R15 was from my October fitting, and the Mavrik results were from my iron fitting where I was just playing around on Trackman after we finished the irons. In theory, aside from weather differences, I was the same amount of "warmed up" by the time I got to the driver each day.
  7. Thanks for the help everyone! I love hearing from my fellow Golf Spies as always. Since I moved out of the R15, I have been curious about how the loft sleeve works on the Callaway. I know on the TaylorMade that the adjustments would alter lie angle, face angle, loft and spin--per the below picture. I have not messed with the Callaway one since I was fit into the Mavrik SZ at standard specs. When I had the R15, I had the loft down 1.5 degrees making my 9.5 driver an 8 degree and played a fairly consistent draw with that driver. Does anyone know how the loft sleeve on the Callaw
  8. You are correct, I do come very in to out. I'm a former college baseball player, so I have worked hard in the last year to try and eliminate the nasty banana slice that goes farther right than forward. The drives I hit well end up having a beautiful draw to them. Since eliminating the banana slice, I play for a draw, and it usually works. The problem is that sometimes I get a little too draw biased and get a high toe strike that doesn't go very far and goes very far left. Then, I try to tone down the draw and hit a strong power fade--usually when I don't need/want to. I definitely am goi
  9. We all know that one person--or we are that person--that when they have a bad day on the course, they go to the pro shop/store and buy new equipment. My friends think that is me, but to be fair I just started golfing consistently after I bought a used set of Titleist clubs (driver to putter) for under $300 last year. Since then, I've taken lessons, played a round at least once a week, did two fittings, and saved up to upgrade my bag. I started with a Titleist 983K driver that I got for $20 from Callaway Pre-Owned. I cracked the face after a month and instead of just issuing a refund, I said I
  10. I recently upgraded out of an old TaylorMade R15 I had been using to the Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero. When I did my fitting in October, I probably hit my R15 as best as I ever had. I had tuned in the R15 to the proper loft (8*), lie angle, and had the weight track in the best place for my swing at the time. Most of the strikes were around the middle of the face and it was as consistent as I have ever been with a driver. I didn't think I could get much better until I started hitting other clubs and saw a huge spike in distance. Some of the drivers I only took a few swings with because I didn't lik
  11. Thanks! I decided to play the ProV1x based on its firmer feel, higher spin, and higher launch when I first started golfing last year. I thought more spin and more height would help my game, and I kept playing the ProV1x or similar balls until about 2 months ago. I did a club fitting, and my teaching pro recommended the ProV1. I did a virtual fitting with the guys at TXG, and they also recommended the ProV1 or Srixon Z-Star based on my launch monitor numbers. I had been playing the Z-Star until I did the online consult with Titleist about which ball to play. Without discussing any data, the tea
  12. I promise I am not only on MGS for golf balls (Check out my review of the Top Flite Gamer golf ball). But, I did notice something while playing this weekend that I had not noticed before. Basically, can having a ball spin too much or launch too high be a problem? I know the general answer is yes, too much of a good thing can be bad. But I would like to know why I experienced what I did with a "higher spinning" ball during my last round. I have played the 2021 ProV1 exclusively for my last 5 rounds and have had no problems with the ball. It is a well-rounded ball as everyone has come to ex
  13. I just got on the Hyperflex train! They are awesome. As others have said, they do run quite big. I wear an 11.5 in my Nike Air Max 1G and all other off-course/running shoes, but FJs just run way large on me. I have a pair of prior generation ProSL shoes that are an 11 that I have an extra insole in, and they still fit big on me. I bought a 10 in the Hyperflex with the BOA lacing, and they are a perfect fit! I was looking into spiked shoes after this article came out because I love the comfort of my Nikes and ProSL. But after playing enough, the traction has worn out, and I began slipping.
  14. Hi again everyone, It seems like the MyGolfSpy deal for the Gamers was a decent hit! I was at my local Golf Galaxy and saw they were on sale again for 2 for $35, which is still a pretty good deal for what the ball offers. I am following up on my initial review by giving my friend's thoughts on the Gamers. He just started golfing at the end of the year in 2020 and only had a few balls when we last played together that he had found in the trees or balls from the range bucket that were not range balls. I believe he had a sleeve of either Wilson Ultras or TaylorMade Distance balls, the
  15. DJ from Sacramento, California Driver swing speed: 110mph Driver: Mavrik Sub Zero 9° Shaft: Aldila Rogue White 130 MSI 60 gram Stiff I briefly had Nippon 105 stiff flex in Ping i500s after a fitting but got re-fit because I didn’t like the heads. I would have kept the shafts, but my new T200s didn’t offer Modus 105 without an upcharge. I also have a Nippon shaft in my 60° wedge: PING Z-Z-115 by Nippon
  16. I've also struggled hitting the Gamer well off the tee. I think I might be getting in my head that I'm trying to test distance, and then hit it with not much distance. But the few that I have struck well, I don't notice it being any longer than others in my bag (Callaway Chrome Soft, Chrome Soft X, TP5x, Snell MTB-X), but it also hasn't been way shorter than any of the others In terms of performance compared to others in the lower price range, I find it performs similar to a Vice Tour and Drive, but it is significantly more durable and much easier to purchase from Dick's/Golf Galaxy inste
  17. I noticed the dual dimples as well. My usual ball is the Tour B X, so I don't mind the double dimples on the Gamer. I have noticed reviews on the Gamer around the web saying the dimples are weird or distracting, but they do not bother me. Based on my research, it appears that Callaway has a patent to the double dimple design. https://pdfpiw.uspto.gov/.piw?docid=07250012&PageNum=1&&IDKey=2B661A64BB7F&HomeUrl=http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO2%26Sect2=HITOFF%26p=1%26u=%252Fnetahtml%252FPTO%252Fsearch-bool.html%26r=2%26f=G%26l=50%26co1=AND%26d=PTXT%26s1=11%2
  18. Interesting. I played in the rain and wind and didn't notice this at all. I was very satisfied with the Gamer. My mishits were still really bad hooks and slices, but the ball still faded and drew when I wanted it to, and I was able to let the wind take it left or right.
  19. For me, the Gamer is performing similar to the other balls in the bag in all those respects. I feel like the Gamer spins less and doesn't grab onto the club like my urethane balls, but it doesn't perform any different in terms of how much it releases or holds on the green for me. If I expect the ball to run, it runs. If I played for the ball to stop, it did. Unfortunately, I don't own a launch monitor to do any statistical comparisons. The feel of the ball while chipping is a bit different than any other ball in my bag. While balls like the ProV1x, Tour BX, TP5x, Chrome Soft X, etc. feel
  20. I finally got to put my Gamers into action Sunday afternoon aside from chipping and putting. It was a soggy, windy, and cold day in Napa County at Chardonnay Golf Club. Luckily, I planned ahead and brought a spare change of clothes. I will save the complete the details of how the Gamers performed for my final review, but the short of it was that unlike my driver and the weather, the Gamers didn't let me down. Me and the buddies booked the tee time 3 weeks ago and were already committed to playing, so these puddles were not stopping us. With the soggy conditions, I had a real tough
  21. Hi fellow Spies! I am excited to be a tester for the Top Flite Gamer. My Gamers were on my doorstep the other night, and I wanted to share some of my first impressions. As @Bohnson mentioned above, the packaging is a little gimmicky and silly. The ball on the other hand is clean and straightforward. I think the green number is a nice touch. I do note the ball has a real glossy shine to it that isn't so bright that it looks cheap, but just has enough shine that you know it's not a urethane cover. I have no problems with the double dimple pattern like I've seen other people around the
  22. Introduction Hi fellow Spies! My name is DJ, and I live in Sacramento, California. I played baseball through college, am 26, and finished graduate school in May. I used to borrow my dad’s clubs to go to the range or our local 9-hole course every few months but bought my own in April. The last and only time I had played a full 18 was 2013. My first round in April, I shot a generous 111. I've played over 30 rounds and now consistently shoot in the high 80s after lessons and club upgrades. I don’t have a launch monitor, so I can’t provide statistical comparisons for th
  23. DJ, Sacramento, CA iPhone 12 mini Outdoors with no net
  24. I am down that dreaded rabbit hole lol. When I got fit, I narrowed down a lot of my irons based on looks initially. My current 762s are quite compact and narrow, and I wanted something with a similar profile, which is how I wound up really liking the i500 and Wilson V6. I am having second thoughts because of how inconsistent I was at my fitting. I feel like I was "fit into" the i500s because my fitter wanted me to get added distance and then tried to tune the shaft to help narrow dispersion. But, when I tried the Wilson V6s, they felt like they "just fit" if you know the difference I am g
  25. Currently, I play an ancient set of Titleist DCI 762 irons with very traditional lofts (34º 7 iron, 27º 5 iron). The irons have True Temper DGS300 shafts, which are stated to be low launch and low spin. I hit my irons great, but I am well overdue for an upgrade. Recently I had a club fitting and got fit into Ping i500s with Nippon Pro Modus Tour 105 Stiff shafts. In my post-fitting research, I've realized the i500s' lofts are all a club longer than my current set—the i500 7 iron is the same loft as my 6 iron. I've also found that the Nippon shaft is rated as mid-high launch and mid-high spin.
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