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  1. Michael Baton Rouge, LA Handicap is a 6 Currently play Callaway Razr X and looking to upgrade very soon, I actually just tested these irons on a launch monitor and fell in love with them. Was going to probably purchase, what an opportunity to test them before I put money down.
  2. I have hit them and they are some of the greatest irons I’ve ever hit. I laughed this morning when I saw these get Most Wanted because when I hit them I thought these HAVE to win something. Ill put it this way, when I was hitting these at Watts a dude next to me in the other bay was also hitting them. This dude bought two sets while I was in there of D7s. Two identical sets. These irons are the real deal boys.
  3. I just bought this thing and it is fantastic. its accurate as hell, my old miss is a horrible hook this things miss is still in play. Got it in the chemical blue 70 gram. I can’t believe how good this driver is for the price. its on Rock Bottom golf right now for like $169.
  4. It should be soon right? I’m about to pull the trigger on a new set and for sure want to read these articles before making a purchase.
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