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  1. Jared, Coatesville, PA USA

    Current putter: Scotty Cameron Futura X Dual Balance

    I've been going back and forth on whether a mallet is the right type for me and I'm just not sure as I'm not confident standing over my putts right now. Because of this, I'd really like to test out the ZB3. The Piper C is also intriguing given the center shafted nature which I've never tried before.



    1. 13 HC, Coatesville PA
    2. Currently playing Callaway X Hot Pros w/ Project X Stiff + 8I distance is ~175 yards
    3. I know two things about Sub70 and that is that they are DTC and they were recently featured in Golf Digest whom touted their brand and clubs

    I just jointed MGS so I'm not expecting to be chosen for this right out of the gate but crazier things have happened! Plus, if you're looking for an honest review from someone who plays a lot, on a challenging course, and will take these clubs through every element and test possible then I'm the perfect man for the challenge. I love the look of these irons and they match my obsession with Dark Mode on my computer during the work day. Thanks!

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