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  1. Travis/Woodbury/MN Scotty Cameron Futura 6M Ping Tomcat 14 - one - because I'm a terrible putter and would love to try highest MOI. Two - because Top Gun!
  2. 1. 7.4 out of Woodbury, MN 2. Gen 1 - PXG 0311 with Rifle 6.5 - carry 8 iron 172-175 3. Have seen on here, GolfWRX, Golfers Journal, Twitter and Instagram- though not yet in the wild. Love the look of the product and the vibe of the company and it’s approach. Been dying to try them in comparison to the PXGs, particularly in the black (and at a fraction of price). Absolutely a gear junkie. Regardless of being selected - wish the winners well and same to Jason and company. They look great and anxious to hear results!
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