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  1. Nick S. 10H Sahalee CC Sammamish, WA 54* Titleist SM6 , 60* ROTEX 2.0 RTG Cleveland, 64* Taylormade hi-toe I’d be a great candidate for either a 58* or 60*. I recently went back to my 60* ROTEX RTG despite it having little to no grooves left because I simply hated my Titleist SM7 60*. Being in the PNW, turf conditions can change drastically day to day/week to week. Versatility is so important unless you have the ability to stock your locker with every combination of bounce and grind. I need something that allows me the ability to play shots from both tight lies and wet turf.
  2. 1. 10 HCP living in Seattle, WA and member at Sahalee CC. 2. Currently playing stock black Cobra Forge Tec irons with KBS $Taper shafts and carry my 8i 148 yards. 3. As an avid player and study of the game, I have to admit that I’ve never seen or heard of sub70 before.
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