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  1. Use whatever club gets the ball on the green the soonest and get the ball rolling. for example: If I'm 2ft off the green and have 25ft of green to the pin.....little putterswing with an 8iron.
  2. The grind and bounce options, I feel, are getting completely out of hand. I've played Cleveland wedges my entire life, but not against other options. It used to be easy to get a simple low-bounce "digging" wedge but now it seems a bit of a challenge with all the grind options out there. What the h3ll am I looking for if I want a low-bounce wedge that I can also open up and get creative around the greens? My home track consists of extremely hard, clay-like ground so I prefer the low bounce option in a wedge. Break it down for me please
  3. James Ashley 112+ Cobra SpeedZone HZRDUS Smoke Black S 65g no, but I have a mean 1-way miss duck I'm trying to scare.
  4. -1.4 Index - El Centro, CA (SW USA) -Taylormade P760's - 170yd 8iron -Barely heard of sub70 this summer on our yearly summer golf trip in Sedona, AZ. Only thing I know is they are a direct to consumer brand and I would only have to forfeit 1 child to get a set.
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