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I'm a Dad of two and a husband. I'm a traveler and love to explore. Lived outside of the US (South Africa) where I started playing golf at 8 years old. Dad was is the oil business so we traveled and played a lot of golf. 

When I was 16 we moved home where I joined the high school golf team. During college I played recreationally. At some point during that time I decided to take golf more serious than education and play competitively. Moved to central CA and played on some mini tours. Golden State, Tear Drop etc. 

Turned out to be a humbling experience and after a while decided to get back to work in the real world. I took few years off. Then in 2005, I moved to a company that participated monthly, in industry golf tournaments. That was fun. Then, the market crashed in 2008 and those went bye bye. The spark was there however my wife and I had our first child and time flew by. 

It wasn't until Covid came along that I was asked to work from home at my own pace. Finally I had the chance to start playing again. I play 4-6 times a month now and try and practice as often as possible. It all revolves around family and riding season. We love to camp and ride during the winter. I'm pretty damn fortunate to play as much as I do. 


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